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Sep 24, 2010 11:47 AM

Searching for Cacique Chorizo

Does anyone know where you can buy Cacique Chorizo in this area?? Really looking for the full range of products if anyone does happen to know.
Thanks in advance for all the help

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  1. I buy mine actually at Publix here in South Dade and the larger Publix at US 1 and 146th Street. We also buy the chorizo from a small mexican grocery store in Florida City right across the street from Florida City City Hall. Moreno Tortilla, 439 W. Palm Dr. Florida City 305-248-8100. They make the best tamales, fresh tortillas as well as shredded beef/pork worth a drive. Also WalMart in Florida City sells it as well. Mexican cooking is just about my favortie so always looking where I can buy authenic ingredients.