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Sep 24, 2010 11:02 AM

Japanese Steakhouse

My cousin wants to go to a Japanese steakhouse for his birthday. I wasn't terribly impressed on my visit to Ichiban. Are their any spots that serve good food to go with the entertainment? Failing that, are there any that are cheap?

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  1. the one Ive liked the best has been Mt Fuji(Maple Grove). only go when others decide though, I personally don't think they are worth the money.

    1. The Samurai in Golden Valley is very good. The shrimp sauce is good on everything!!!!!

      1. We went to Mt. Fuji (Maple Grove edition), and I enjoyed my meal quite a bit more than I thought I might.

        The hibachi hit all the important notes... Generous portions, decent entertainment value, that addicting white shrimp sauce that only seems to exist in the universe of Japanese Steakhouses.

        I stuck with the sushi side of things. Started with the Ika Butter, a whole broiled squid topped with something not dissimilar to eel sauce. This is for splitting, as the portion is quite large (and generous for $7.95), and the mix of char and sweet sauce gets overwhelming after a spell.

        I had heard good things about the salmon, so I went with the salmon lover plate, consisting of a salmon roll, spicy salmon roll, and five pieces of salmon nigiri. The salmon itself had a great color and texture, and the spicy roll avoided the common pitfall of drowning the fish.

        Service was well-intentioned, but erratic. Chopsticks did not arrive with appetizer. Soy sauce did not arrive with sushi. White rice did not arrive with hibachi meal. The whole hibachi thing is pretty much a chaos wheel to begin with, but having to ask twice gets old.

        I would go back, and certainly recommend this for anyone stuck planning a night at a Japanese steakhouse.

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          Thanks Kevin47! I haven't really enjoyed a Japanese Steakhouse since I was a teenager, but boy did I like it then. And, payback time has arrived, my daughter wants to go to one for her 14th birthday.

          Anyone been to both Mt. Fuji and Saji Ya? How do they compare? Does Sakura do the teppanyaki at all?

          1. re: JimGrinsfelder

            iirc sakura doesn't do teppanyaki.

            thom pham's new pan-asian place downtown mpls, the one with the huge blinking sign and arrow, probably does it, as the existing restaurant setup had the teppanyaki stations. i won't set foot inside the door to find out for sure, however ;-P