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Mex Coca Cola

I've been reading about the newest craze for CoCa Cola bottled in Mexico available in the States.
Anybody find it in Massachusetts?

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  1. The Costco on Rt 1 in Danvers had it back in April or May...not sure if it's still available.

    1. you should be able to find it at most latin markets. i have also seen it in the international aisle of some of the larger american supermarkets

      1. Search first, then ask. Here's a previous request for the same info:

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            Also Shaws near the JFK metro station

          2. I live in East Somerville and I see it at some of the "mom and pop" convenience stores on Broadway...hispanic markets.

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              i live in east boston and it's hit or miss in many of the small markets near maverick sq. they always have the classic glass bottles, but often it still will have hfcs. just double-check.

            2. Not so much retail, but I see it in scores of Mexican, Central American and South American restaurants all over the city. There's a reason people love it: cane-sweetened Coke is vastly superior to HFCS-sweetened Coke. It's the Coke I remember from my youth. I don't drink a lot of soda, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis, I mean, Mexican Coke.


              1. Just got a case of 24 glass bottles at Costco Dedham.

                1. costco waltham too. first row of the drink aisle across from the milk refrigerators.

                  1. They have it at the Avenue Deli on Mass Ave in Lexington.