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Hey friends,
I have an out of town guest who loves sweetbreads. Are there any restaurants Center City Philadelphia that have them on the menu on a regular basis?


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  1. This Philadelphian is looking forward to the answers also. Also, please describe whether you have had them as an entree, as opposed to appetizer sized portions. Thanks so much!

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      I have had them at Zahav and Amis. Both were much smaller sized portions although I am not sure they are always on the menu there.

    2. Matyson, Although they are on the menu as an appetizer, I bet you could talk them into creating an entree. http://www.matyson.com/dinner.html

      1. Matyson and Bibou both regularly have them on the menu, the preparations change, but they are always delicious!

        1. Modo Mio has them on current menu and they were fabulous. Big fat ones, so crispy outside did not get in the way of the creamy interior.

          1. Adsum has them on the regular menu as an entree - but prepare to bring earplugs!

            1. Fond always has an excellent sweetbread appetizer on the menu. Zahav and Bibou make my other favorite sweetbread dishes in the city.

              1. Bibou, Bibou, Bibou! Amazing, and a large serving.

                While you are at it, go for the cholesterol triumvirate of foie gras, bone marrow and sweetbreads.

                The bone marrow I had there last week was particularly interesting. The bone was cut lengthwise, the marrow removed, breaded, put back in the bone and baked.

                Mmmmm...bone marrow (Homer Simpson voice).

                http://www.biboubyob.com/ (Plan ahead, hard to get a reservation)

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                  knew i liked you tir na nog, bibou is my fave, going next sunday, cant wait

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                    uhockey and I will meet you there bonappetite!

                    Last Sat at Bibou was the best meal I've had so far in Philly! Pierre prepared a special 7-course menu for the nine of us (hopefully we didn't disturb the other diners too much, since we took up ~1/3 of the restaurant!). We had no idea what he would prepare, since it would depend on what was available at the market that morning.

                    Everyone also brought a bottle of 1983 Bordeaux, which included a double magnum of Gruaud Larose. Since that was a ridiculous amount of wine, Pierre said we could share the Gruaud with the other diners, which I thought was pretty cool of him. It's that sort of a homey, friendly restaurant (just with insanely good French food).

                    Unfortunately, the Gruaud was totally corked and undrinkable. But his wife Charlotte turned it into a great table lamp for their home (see below), so it wasn't a total loss!

                    Oh, and a couple dining at a nearby table (with their adorable 2 year-old daughter) even generously shared their Ch. Margaux with us.

                    Definitely one of the most memorable meals of my life so far...

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                      So funny you are Tir! Let me know if you want to join us.......it's for a friends hubby's bday but you are more than welcome......just be sure to bring wine that is more memorable than a lamp! Isn't that bone marrow awesome---------only tried once before and did not like but i licked every last bite of that bone!!! Charlotte and Pierre are the best.