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Help us with ideas for one overnight trip - 2 hour radius from Hartford

We have squeaked out babysitting coverage for one night in October to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary, but now are stuck where to go??? Have been reading the boards about the CT wine trail, or maybe something in the Berkshires, or even Newport RI. We don't want to spend too much time in the car, but would love to do something foodie, different - be able to be outside enjoy the Fall - any and all suggestions appreciated, thx!~

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  1. The Mayflower Inn in Washington Depot, CT is fantastic.

    1. We love Newport. For a special occasion, look at the Hotel Viking. You can tour a mansion or two, take a romantic walk along the cliff walk. Take the Mrs. to the new Badgely Mischka store on Bellevue Avenue and let her pick out a new $10K dress for the evening dinner. (okay that last suggestion was a REAL stretch!)

      Our daughter goes to school in Newport so we have spent a lot of time there over the past 2+ years.

      1. More than two hours but White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, ME and Arrows in Ogunquit, ME are wonderful foodie destinations.

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          Strongly second the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport. My wife and I went there for our anniversary a couple of years ago and loved it. It also looks like a great place to stay.

        2. if you go the Berkshire route, there is a lovely B&B, the Chambery Inn, in Lee MA. it's in an old schoolhouse. get a room on the second floor, which has lovely high ceilings. best of all, they bring breakfast to your room so you don't have to schlep downstairs & mingle with other guests. right across the street is Chez Nous, and you're also close to Rouge in West Stockbridge. the drive alone up the back roads should be lovely (if all the leaves haven't fallen off from the drought!).

          Chez Nous
          150 Main St, Lee, MA 01238

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            Not crazy about Chez Nous, although it gets good reviews here. Because of that, we have given it second chances, but have never been impressed. Just okay food in nice setting. For a romantic dinner, I recommend Old Inn on the Green if you're going to be in the Berkshires. My wife and I love Rouge, and in particular the well-priced and extensive tapas menu available in the bar, but don't think it is a very romantic place for an anniversary dinner.

            Chez Nous
            150 Main St, Lee, MA 01238

          2. Newport, stay at the Chanler Inn and eat at the Spiced Pear. Amazingly romantic rooms, and food to kill for.

            Spiced Pear Restaurant
            117 Memorial Boulevard, Newport, RI 02840

            1. Last September I treated myself to a stay @ the Cranwell Resort in Lenox, MA which has a very nice spa. I stayed in one of the outbuildings rather than the mansion. It was very comfortable. I ate 2 meals in the dining room, the first was fantastic, the second not so much, but there are very nice rest in Lee and the surrounding area. The gardens @ the Mount are very nice to walk around,

              1. We went to Newport this summer and stayed at Castle Hill in one of the Harbor Houses for our anniversary. It was really beautiful, great little cottage room overlooking the harbor. We had dinner at the restaurant and it was excellent. Highly recommend it.

                Harbor House
                116 E Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930

                1. Definitely second The Chanler in Newport, especially one of the garden villas. I was just there Tuesday and the weather is perfect.

                  The sagamore in lake George is comparable, more of an adirondack theme, but still lovely.

                  1. The Old Inn on the Green in Marlborough, MA is romantic and the food is superb. Definately a wedding anniversary place.

                    1. Newport is great but you won't be able to see fall colors. If you really want to see all the colors, I would suggest the Litchfield area (NW corner of CT). It's barely an hour away from Hartford so you minimize your time in the car, important since you are only ding an overnighter.

                      You can start by doing a bit of the CT wine trail, Hopkins winery is in Warren and has lovely views of Lake Waramaug. Then head over to Kent, where Belgique Patisserie is located then visit nearby Kent Falls and the Cornwall Bridge. Then drive along Route 4 or Route 45, visit Litchfield and Warren and maybe another vineyard like Haigh-Brown.

                      I would stay at the Rooster Tail Inn in Warren - a very stylish high end inn. They do weekend brunch and also serve dinner (so you don't have to worry about who has to drive after having some wine).

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                        all of these ideas sound wonder - minus the $10K dress, lol, thanks though - will share these and get back to you all, thanks so much!

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                          So many gorgeous spots in Litchfield. It is much less developed than the shoreline area. So if you are looking for peace and nature, I'd consider it. If you are more into shopping and commercial things, I'd hit Newport.

                          A bit of light hiking this time of year is such a treat.

                          I'm quite partial to the extreme upper corner of the state. Salisbury has a marvelous bakery, Sweet Williams, that is worth the drive. The scenery en route is eye poppin'. I second the Cornwall Bridge. If you are carnivores, there's Nodine's Smokehouse in Goshen. For your leaf peepin' pleasure, wander around Norfolk, Falls Village and noodle along Rte. 7. It'll be great fun!

                          Bring your camera.

                          Nodine's Smokehouse
                          668 Riverside Ave, Torrington, CT 06790

                        2. 91 north to Northampton, MA and see the thread about what not to miss there.

                          Brattleboro, VT has lots of alternatives. Take a look at http://www.brattleborochamber.org/

                          Also Rt 2 west from 91 (The Mohawk Trail) has a number of interesting places to visit.
                          Either google "Mohawk trail" or go to http://www.shelburnefalls.com/

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                            how about Blue Hill at Stone Barns. --great food, great atmosphere, beautiful location.

                            Not too sure about places to stay but food's great, albeit a little overpriced

                          2. Check out Golden Lamb Buttery in Brooklyn, CT. Dinner comes with a hayride.

                            Golden Lamb Buttery
                            499 Wolf Den Rd, Brooklyn, CT 06234

                            1. I've heard great things about dinner at Sharpe Hill Vineyards in Pomfret CT. Pomfret is also a beautiful part of CT known as the quiet corner. Good leaf peeping, scenic drives, and I love the Vanilla Bean for live music on Saturday nights with great menu, too.

                              Sharpe Hill Vineyard
                              108 Wade Rd, Pomfret, CT

                              Vanilla Bean Cafe
                              RR 97, Pomfret, CT 06258

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                                I posted this awhile back to help with the planning, and we are finally going next weekend! We decided on Mystic using hotel points at the Mystic Marriott (in Groton) I have been looking at the previous posts for the Mystic/shoreline area, as well as the CT wine trail information. Our tentative plan is a picnic lunch at Jonathan Edwards and Maugle vineyards, maybe shopping, then dinner out - thinking Brassiere Pip, or Liv's Oyster Bar - what about the S&P Oyster Bar, or anything in Mystic downtown?

                                Liv's Oyster Bar
                                166 Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

                                1. re: hockeydad

                                  My first choice would be Noah's in Stonington borough...not far at all from Mystic. I also recommend Octagon at the Groton Marriott and Bravo Bravo (downtoiwn Mystic) and its sister restaurant, Olio in Groton. Have fun!

                                  Bravo Bravo Restaurant
                                  20 E Main St, Mystic, CT 06355

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                                    Wow, I haven't been to Noah's in about fifteen years. It was good though, back then. Nice to know it is still good.

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                                      We ended up at Noah's on Saturday evening, had a wonderful experience. Food was delicious, mine was not very hot, but still good - pumpkin soup and sesame scallops; SO had the pot roast which was wonderful. Enjoyed the afternoon at the Jonathan Edwards winery, wonderful patio to take in the gorgeous setting, loved the entire day. Thanks for the suggestions