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Sep 22, 2005 06:44 PM

Sushi in Santa Monica/Venice (?)

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I'm looking for $20 - 30 dollar sushi in this area that is a step above the rest. I don't want some bullshit "house special roll" that puts five kinds of fish and cream cheese in it. Or some place that charges an extra 10 bucks to drizzle hot sauce on your yellowtail.

I want a new favorite. A place to rival Nizawa, Asanebo, Hirozen, and Nobu.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Nagao in Brentwood - 26th and San Vicente. I would recommend the cajun tuna sashimi, the spicy tuna domburi, and any of the rolls that come soybean- or avocado-wrapped.

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    1. re: WaterIsGood

      Agreed. Nagao is the best option in the Santa Monica area.

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        Nagao also has a good selection of Japanese salads; these can be modified to your tastes and are quite filling.

      2. A $20-$30 rival to Nobu?! On the Westside?! You're kidding, right?

        Maybe a sushi joint that would fit your liking would be Sushi King (Wilshire and 14th in Santa Monica).

        Sushi King
        1330 Wilshire Bl.
        Santa Monica, CA 90403
        (310) 395-0120

        p.s. It's Nozawa, not Nizawa.

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        1. re: JL

          Decent for the price range?

          1. re: Michelle

            Indeed decent for the price range. Their "drunken pear" dessert is quite excellent.

        2. I don't think you can find a place to rival Nobu in the $20-$30 range but good luck trying.

          1. If you're willing to take it up about 10 - 15 dollars, you can try Eshingo on Santa Monica west of Bundy. You need to get the Omakase menu though - but it's yummy! They also have a really good lunch special that's really inexpensive. The blue crab roll at the end (similar to what both Sasabune and Hiko offer) is really yummy!

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              The lunch special at Echigo is $12. It's decent (esp the blue crab roll) but if you're still hungry (you will be)--get the ankimo (monk fish liver), which is exceptionally good there. But I would spend twice as much (and eat unquantifiably better) at Kiriko, down at Sawtelle and Olympic.