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Sep 24, 2010 08:09 AM

Never opened Vodka bottle marked as from USSR

I have found this huge bottle in the back of my parents liquor cabinet. Never opened vodka.

What surprised me is it was labeled as "from USSR". Based on memory if i would have to estimate it's age i'd say 20 years. Inside i can see a few transparent flakes if i tilt it into the light.

Do you think the vodka is still good?
Do you think it's better/worse as it has aged?

I'm afraid to open it...

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  1. If it's never been opened, it's fine. Bottled spirits are filtered - there is no yeast left, so the product does not age or change in the bottle (unlike wine). You can probably filter out the flakes - nothing can really live in an environment that is 40% alcohol.

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      "You can probably filter out the flakes."

      Words to live by.

    2. I had 50 year old vodka, while it did me no harm, it had an odd after taste.

      1. Hell, nothing to do but have a glass. If you're worried or uncertain, feel free to send it to me . . . I'll gladly report back.