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Sep 24, 2010 06:22 AM

Ultimate Austrian trip

Hello, I am traveling in the Alps (extended trip) focusing on the best nature + viewpoint, and gastronomy. Please let me know if the following information is correct (availability of the food, specific region it belongs to), and where to find the best valleys, and viewpoints in the Alps. Your suggestions, and corrections are appreciated.


-tirol - ziller valley - Kalkkögel eat: cheese dumplings, Nidai

-hohe tauern nat park - eissee lake - grossglochner hochalpenstrasse (how to enjoy this area for free)? - matrei (europa panoramaweg) - kriml falls

-salzburg - shloss mirabell - old town - untersberg - Mönchsberg -salzkammergut - Berchtesgaden jenner mt, koningsee - eat: tafelspitz - knoblauchsuppe - salzburger nockerl - mozartkugeln - Nidai

-upper austria - kalkalpen nat park - Gmnuden, Dachstein eat: Linzer torte - Linzeraugen - dumplings

-steiermark - Gesäuse nat park eat; pumpkinseed oil to salad - Heidensterz-

-karnten - nockberge nat park - Drau valley - eat: Reindling - Kasnudeln - Kletzennudeln - Glundner Kas -Reindling - sturm wine

-voralberg - bregenz forest eat: Käsknöpfle and Kässpätzle, cheese dumplings, fried bread

These foods i want to try, but I don't know which region they are from:

eat: cordon bleu - kaiserschmaren (mountain cranberry sauce) - Zwetschkenröster - wiezenbier (is this the same as Belgain white beer)? - powidl jam - Topfenstrudel - Mohnstrudel - Milchrahmstrudel - sweet cheese danish with raisin (what's this called)? - Mohr Im Hemd - Topfenknodel - - Marillenknödel

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  1. Your research is quite complete, and with this information already in your hands you will have a great time !! It is not difficult to get all these regional foods, since they are very popular and available everywhere.

    Just a few corrections and additions:
    Sturm is a fermenting wine, and is only available during the wine harvest in wine growing areas, such as Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria. Kärnten (Carinthia) is not one of them...

    Marillenknödel season is over, right now it is time for Zwetschkenknödel (plum dumplings)
    I think the sweet cheese danish with raisin is a Topfengolatschen, very good, but also very rich!!

    Weizenbier is similar to Belgian white beer, but with much more gas !! It is actually a Bavarian specialty, not an Austrian, but is also quite popular here.

    Regarding your question about the origin of cordon bleu, Kaiserschmarren etc. All these specialties are part of what is called "Viennese Cuisine" (Wiener Küche), and Wiener Küche is based on the traditions of the old Austro-Hungarian empire and has therefore deep roots in Bohemia, Hungary, Italy and the balkan states....

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      nice info, thank you very much

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        Kaiserschmarren is a dessert that tastes and looks like shredded palatschinken(palascinta/Mitteleuropean crepes), with raisins. Could be topped with mountain cranberry sauce- but it's not a type of cranberry sauce- it's a delicious, rich, eggy dessert!

        If you see Krapfen in a bakery ( very common, usually apricot/Marillen jam filled donuts covered in powdered sugar), try them!

        If you like cured meats, make sure you try the speck and other types of cured meats in each region, and the buendnerfleisch in the Alps.

        Another dessert that's common in Austria (and Germany) that I enjoy is Malakoff, which reminded me of a tiramisu crossed with a torte.

        I love dining in Austria. Hope you enjoy your trip!