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Sep 24, 2010 03:21 AM

Great Takeout or Delivery in Chelsea

We have recently moved to Chelsea (near Chelsea Green and the South Kensington tube stop) and I would love to know your favorite takeout joints in the area. An added plus if they deliver! Thanks in advance chowhounds.

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  1. You may find a couple of issues here, Olivia. Mainly that the kind of joint operating a takeout/delivery service would not often appear on an SW3/7 Hound's radar. Generally speaking, I don't think much food is improved by road transport. Inexpensive curries and pizzas will be easily found, but superior chow may have comedy prices, and be half as good as it would be in the restaurant. Sushi may be a bit of an exception.

    Sorry I have no specific recs., but the above may be why you've had no replies. (I doubt if there are many SW3/7 Hounds at all, and they would have to live there to be of any help).

    1. Number 10 on Hogarth Road (near Earls Court) is a very decent szechuan restaurant that does delivery. Probably in your catchment area.