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Sep 24, 2010 02:47 AM

Best Hawaiian Local Kine Grindz in Portland???

I grew up in Hawai'i, I haven't had the food in over 3 years. I'm moving from Texas (ick) to Portland.

I saw that there are nearly 30 "Hawaiian" restaurants in Portland and I'd love an honest review of the best broke da' mouf grindz... please!

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  1. Best I've been to is the one that opened last week, Ate-oh-Ate, on E Burnside near 24th. All the other stuff I have had has been mediocre or lousy...including NoHo's.

    Some chat about it here:

    And they got a write-up today (it's a write up of 6 places, it is one of them, scroll down):

    Their site:

    1. Start with Noho's on Clinton, Ohana on Sandy, then Ate-oh-Ate, and please let us know how you rank them.

      1. I'm originally from Hawaii and while all those places mentioned above are fine, my favorite is Kauai Island Grill in Beaverton, of the 26 at Murray. Way cheaper than those other places. Go with #8.