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Sep 23, 2010 10:13 PM

Bue Crab trip to Chesapeake Bay

We are going to drive from NYC to Maryland to buy crabs and cook them ourselves.

Plan on going in early Oct.

Not looking for a restaurant, but looking for a place where we can buy crabs, go to a picnic table, set up the burner and pot and make soup.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Chester River Crabs in Rock Hall Maryland

    I have the picnic table, view of the Chster river and and the burner but you did not ask about that

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    1. re: cocoagirl

      Cocoa, you have the picnic talbe, the view, and the burner........sounds like a party in the making!

    2. There are to many places to buy live crabs to list. I think your problem will be finding a place where you can set up shop, ie cook the crabs in a public setting. Where do you dispose all the empty shells, etc? If you go to a state park, please do us all a favor and wrap up all your shells and take them with you. How some people leave picnic areas in our parks makes me sick. Ok, end of my rant.

      Flank, give us a specific area you would like to go....and I'm sure someone will know where to buy live crabs in that area.