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Sep 23, 2010 08:40 PM


A delightful little Mexican cart apparently so far exclusively only quesadillas.

Really delicious, prepared with love, a lovely char on the tortillas.

About six Q. options including spicy chicken (great, fair amount of pollo and a good spice kick) and huitlacoche (please take note deprived Brooklynites!!) and squash blossum.

Everything is very neat, prepared with alot of care, and I'm sure they'll improvise according to particular requests.

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  1. has anyone seen this cart this year? i am talking about the Quesadilla only one, which was indeed as good as michael said...

    i haven't seen it since last fall... the new taco stand there is good but i just miss those quesedillas...

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      1. re: pgunn

        pgunn - they reappeared in I think late May and were there until about 10 days ago (I actually did another little write-up here about a month ago) - I was dining nearly daily there the stuff was so good.
        The great lady didn't seem to be getting much business so maybe that's why she's gone now or maybe it was a problem with the cart license - I think there was a question about that last year.

      2. The Quesadilla lady seems to be back. There was a cart that served quesadillas, tacos, tortas, etc. at 46 st for a few months, but they disappeared a few weeks ago. Now, a different cart is in that spot, but it only serves quesadillas. This cart is one of those ones where the cook stands outside, whereas the previous one was a fully enclosed unit.

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          1. re: Humbucker

            I saw it yesterday and it looked like the great one that was there months ago. (Cook standing outside, behind cart.) There was no sign but it looked like quesadillas.