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Sep 23, 2010 03:56 PM

Suggestions for Burlington/Hamilton

Some friends of mine are going to Burlington for a hockey tournament and I am going to meet them for dinner. I have no idea what is up there. Does anyone have any suggestions? My friends are not extremely adventurous eaters, perhaps Italian, bistro ot gastropub? I`m open to any other suggestions you may have also.

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  1. The closest thing to a gastropub in Burlington might be Pepperwood Bistro (obviously also ticking the bistro category here). It's casual and pretty safe in terms of food, and they have their own microbrews. Service can lag occasionally but food has always been decent.

    Pepperwood Restaurants
    , Burlington, ON L7R, CA

    1. My favourite "comfort" food local spot is Ye Olde Squire located at Walkers Line and Fairview. It's an Irish pub inspired watering hole with great grub. Unlike many other pubs, all of their food is prepared locally, on the spot, a la minute. Portions are a good size and they have the typical menu one would expect of a pub. They do a great Philly Steak Sandwich and their Veal Parm is also pretty good.

      Ye Olde Squires
      3537 Fairview St, Burlington, ON L7N2R4, CA

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        The squire has the best fish and chips around! Great restaurant.

      2. When I got together with some friends (some of which were not too adventurous) in Burlington we went to Paradiso. The menu is varied enough so that there was something for everyone. We all had a great time and have returned a couple of times.


        2041 Pine St, Burlington, ON L7R1E9, CA