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Sep 23, 2010 03:34 PM

Montauro Ristorante in Tampa

Anyone heard of, or eaten at, the Montauro Ristorante? I think it's somewhere in the West Tampa area and a while back I visited their website (may have been a Facebook page......don't recall) - they brag about their pasta with crab sauce and other dishes.....I'm always interested in local, independent Italian places.

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    1. I have a foodie friend that swears by it, I've been meaning to get over there. It's over on Armenia and Tampa Bay Blvd I think.

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        I have a vague image of the location in my mind

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          I had lunch there today with a friend, starts off with a bowl of sliced bread and tomato sauce, bread was good but would have been much better toasted, tomato sauce was also good but (in my humblest of opinions) could have been a tiny bit thicker and would have benefitted from some herbs, salt, and pepper in it (far be it of me to tell an italian family how to make their tomato sauce). The bread was followed by a small salad and super thin cutlet. The cutlet was pretty tasty, well seasoned & cooked, definitely enjoyed it. Had the Manicotti next, which came out in a pair, maybe an inch an a half in diameter and was again good, but I probably wouldn't order again (nothing special about it).

          On to the crab & red sauce. Now that was pretty damn tasty. They only serve it on Fridays, but they're pretty much guaranteeing they won't have to put up with me Saturday through Thursday because this was by far the tastiest thing there, and at only around $7 it was a healthy portion.

          If you're a big fan of mom & pop Italian at a very reasonable price, Montauro's is a good pick, our bill for two people with a cafe con leche and tip was right around $20. I would highly recommend catching the crab special on Friday though!

          Cutlet & Salad

          Half of a Crab & Red Sauce on top, Half of a Manicotti on the bottom (forgot to snap pics before we split it up

          1. re: andy huse

            Yes Andy....Crab Chilau is what we used to know it as. Based on Dr Todd's review I'm going to go there the very next available Friday to give it a try.

            1. re: tony noriega

              Tony- it's tasty, but at around $7, it's REALLY tasty haha.

          2. This restaurant serves completely bland, soft food. I you have no teeth or tastebuds, it might be ok. I did not have the crab sauce. The cutlet with the salad was decent, but right from a package. There was zero seasoning on rest of the meal. The spaghetti sauce is off-brand tomato sauce from a can with nothing added. The linguini is soup noodles (Lipton?) with no sauce. Everything has a pile of poor-quality, grated parmasan. Not a surprise that the place was almost empty during Saturday night dinner rush. Everything is under $10, but this is definitely NOT Italian food.

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              Katz- I agree that it's nothing special, but at the price point, I didn't expect Batali to be hand-making squid ink gnocchi tableside either. The crab is the thing to get. I'd never set foot in there again if they did away with that. Also it's BYOB, which is a plus for those of us that like B.

              With the exception of the crab special, nothing there is any better than the comparable dish at Sbarro's. It's not the nicest thing to say but it's true.

              1. re: askdrtodd

                I eat in this restaurant once a week, and i have to say that the sauce there is the exactly like my Nana used to make when she was alive. I will say that this type of sauce is not for everyone if you are used to heavy and full of spice and herbs. I know for a fact that the old lady (the owner) makes the sauce everyday from tomatoes. They do not buy the sauce already made. And the cultets are made there too. For those of you who want to try authentic Southern Italian cuisine, this is the right place. The crab sauce is the best in the city too. There is something special about a place like this, where the entire family is working there and helping eachother out. As far as price goes, you will not find a better deal anywhere.