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Sep 23, 2010 03:13 PM

Fazer and other Finnish candy in Calgary

Does anyone know where I could possibly find Fazer brand candies or chocolates? Or other such candies in Calgary?
I found some Halva Finnish Sweet Licorice in a store today in Eau Claire Market, but nothing Salmiak (salty black licorice flavoured), just Strawberry, which still tastes great.

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  1. In the North east, across from nort hill mall turn up after the home depot, Edelweiss Village(German/Dutch store) has a pretty good selection, I go there to get my schnitzel and red cabbage fix(drool) As for finnish candy I dont know.... Since it is bordering russia you could try The Russian Store as they have a good candy selection, Have not been there myself though :) WANT TO. Candy fiend.

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      I actually was up there yesterday, and although I found alot of the Marzipan chocolate I love, I only found one Fazer thing, and that was mints. I will check out the Russian store though, thanks!

    2. There are a lot of Fazer products at Edelweiss but they might rotate the varieties they carry. You might have to ask them as last time I saw them they weren't with the other candies but on a stand alone shelf near the entrance. I'm actually in Finland right now and there's oodles of them in the supermarket :)

      I'll sell you a bar for $20 when I come back ;)

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      1. re: slingshotz

        You know what.. the mint pieces one is almost worth it!
        I'll have to ask next time I'm at Edelweiss. I only saw the Emser mints.