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Sep 23, 2010 02:27 PM

Cooking chicken in a slow cooker

Hi everyone
I am very excited about my new slow cooker. I absolutely love it (it is a 6 quart size). I have made an amazing white bean and kale soup this week. I tried chicken pieces on the bone with fresh rosemary and lemon. I browned the chicken first and then put in crock pot with some stalks of rosmary and I squeezed two lemons in there. My slow cooker has a temp probe , which I set for 180. After the internal temp is reached , the slow cooker automatically turns to the warm mode (which I love....but I think it dried out my chicken). The taste was amazing...but I felt that some of the meat was dry. I have never cooked with this I am trying different techniques out. The soupd was great....but not sure if chicken pieces was the best thing to put in the crock pot. Should i have filled the pot with water, so that the pieces were partially submerged? I was worried that the skin would be soggy. Perhaps I should have set the meat probe to 170 instead of 180.
Any thoughts, ideas, tips?

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  1. I only use chicken thighs in the crockpot and remove the skin. I find the skin gets an odd rubbery consistency. White meat tends to dry out too quickly, even if it turns off at the right temperature. Don't fill it with water because you'll end up simmering chicken.

    1. Doesn't matter that you browned it unless you deglaze the pan you browned in and add the liquid to the pot. The skin, as stated above, turns rubbery.

      I would also suggest using thighs instead of legs.

      180 will dry almost anything out. My suggestion would be to go with 160 (165 at the very highest) and not to cook it that long as there really isn't a whole lot of fat on chicken.

      As stated above, if you add liquid to it, you'll boil it. If you do, you might as well braise in a liquid that will turn into a sauce and flavor the meat. Water will ruin it.