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Sep 23, 2010 02:18 PM

“They’re like edible cocktails. People get smashed.”

Does anyone have experience with preserving fruit w/ booze? Sounds a lot easier than canning and you get a little buzz to boot. Which kind of liquor works best?

read all about it ...

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    1. I've used vodka with pineapple. Citrus also works. And Berries for that matter. YUM!

      1. I saw the article and was intrigued since I just came into a supply of concord grapes and putting them in brandy (I believe) was one of the suggestions. The recipe called for seeding the concords but leaving the skins on which sounded problematic. It would be timeconsuming to get the seeds out that way and I don't think they would look that good when done. I was thinking of making the recipe from that article that uses plums and brandy, I think.

        Another classic idea is prunes and armangac. Was thinking of that for holiday presents.

        These sound good to me on ice cream or frozen yogurt.

        1. sour cherries in bourbon, with sugar. so freakin good.

          1. Yup! I used Cruzan vanilla rum, VanGogh dutch chocolate vodka and 43 liqueur. They were all pretty tasty--I might be partial to the vanilla rum ones, though. Pictures here:

            I wish I had done other fruit as mentioned in the article. I suppose not too late for raspberries or maybe apricots. Mmmmm.

            And, so ya know, I saw this article today and totally gravitated to the same line you quoted above. Classic! Hey, I'm gonna go have a tipsy cherry right now, they are smiling in the fridge just waiting for me to eat them. HEH HEH HEH! Cheers, man!

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              I guess those cherries transfer their smiles to the end user. No wonder you're always so cheery.

                1. re: bon oeuf

                  Thanks kindly--clearly powered by drunken fruit and sugar! ;)

                2. re: kattyeyes

                  Those looks so dang good! I used to use kirsch with fresh cherries, but like the vanilla rum idea. Cherries are just so freakin' pretty.