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Sep 23, 2010 01:43 PM

Dunkin' donuts breakfast

I happily went into my local Dunkin' donuts for my favorite egg white flat bread breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage, paid the same price I always pay (with coupon) and discover the sandwich has changed. It is about less then 1.2 the size it used to be. I was appalled and feeling ripped off. When did they do this? I wrote in a complaint and sorry to say will not be back for breakfast. $3 for a sandwich less then the size of my fist, less egg.... blech!

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  1. If this is your usual breakfast, why didn't you ask the person who served you if they had changed the item? Maybe this was a one off?

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    1. re: L2k

      It's not a one-off; Dunkin Donuts changed how they make their eggwhite flatbreads. Rounds instead of crispy triangles.

    2. Yeah, they're hyping this new "Egg White Flatbreads are Now Round!" all over the place. And I hate them now. The Veggie Eggwhite Flat used to be my favorite fast food breakfast, but not only is the new version smaller but it just doesn't taste as good. The round flatbread doesn't get all nice and toasty; it just tastes like a spongy mess.

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        Exactly! I would get one maybe once a month as a treat but it just wasn't very good. I want my triangle bread back! And seriously, lower the price at least!