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Sep 23, 2010 12:39 PM

Trata Greek Taverna - opinions?

Will be in Ft Lauderdale for one night in October - any recommendations for Trata Greek Taverna, or any other Greek / Middle Eastern restaurants? Staying at the Hilton Ft Lauderdale Marina, and will not have a car, so will need either cheap cab or walking distance (or water taxi). TIA!

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  1. The Greek Islands Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale has the absolute best Greek food in South Florida. Try roasted whole fish, juicy lamb chops. Starters include expected saganaki, fresh salads, dips, spanakopita,etc. The restaurant is busy every night so try arriving early. You won't be disappointed and the prices are reasonable.

    1. We were very disappointed with our experience at Trata...Food mediocre.