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Sep 23, 2010 12:34 PM

Charlotte - South Park Area Recommendations

We will be in for the weekend and I was looking for recommendations for restaurants that are located near the Marriott at South Park. We love all kinds of food from breakfast to ethnic to fine dining; also if there are any good bars in the area. I really appreciate the recommendations, in advance.

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  1. Rooster's near the intersection of Morrison and Sharon is quite good. Small plates and a focus on local fresh food. Up until a month ago I would have said Cafe Monte in the bottom of the Allen Tate building, but recently had such bad service there on two separate occasions, that I cannot recommend it. The food is still good, but beware the service, they have excellent breakfast unfortunately. Those are the two non-chain places that come to mind immediately. The usual chain suspects are nearby, but we'll assume since you're on chowhound, that is not what ya meant.

    Cafe Monte
    Ashley Park Lane Suite 108, Charlotte, NC 28210

    1. Rooster's is a great recommendation.

      For fine dining, Barrington's is very good. It's down the street on Fairview. Also, Zebra is good for fine dining.

      A very short drive away is Montford, which has several restaurant options and is a good place to get some drinks. I'm a fan of Good Food on Montford, which serves small plates. There is also Andrew Blair's, where I have not been since they got a new chef, but I hear it's still quite good. There's a new place called 15 North Roadside Kitchen over there as well, which looks promising (I have not been yet). If you're just looking for drinks on Montford, in addtion to the aformentioned places, there is a bar called Duckworth's that has a fantastic beer selection. There is also Moosehead, Angry Ale's and Brazwell's for drinks.

      Right next to Montford is a a shopping center called Park Towne Village. In it is a a samll bar/restaurant called Hef's. They serve great burgers and very good bar food.

      While I haven't been, I hear Terrace Cafe in Piedmont Row is great for breakfast.

      Unfortunately, there is not a lot of good ethnic food in the SouthPark area. There is a Chinese restaurant that I always used to like called Baoding. I havn't been there in several years, but it still may be very good.

      Angry Ales
      1518 Montford Dr, Charlotte, NC 28209

      4722 Sharon Rd Ste F, Charlotte, NC 28210

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        Bao still gets pretty good reviews. Not stellar but good for the area.