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Sep 23, 2010 12:20 PM

Syracuse-Need a casual, sit-down place for dinner

My husband and I are looking for a casual sit down place for dinner, that has a liquor license. Good burgers and salads, maybe some fish dishes, can include some tex/mex, with entrees topping out at $25 or so. It doesn't have to be fancy inside, but it should look/feel nice inside. A "young" feel is fine, but I just don't want to be surrounded by screaming kids. We'll have our college aged daughter with us, so it can't be "old fogey" either. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Armory Square area of Syracuse has a couple of brew pub type places that may work. Empire Brewing Company, Blue Tusk, etc. If you wander around here, you might find a place everybody likes. More upscale is Lemongrass (great upscale Thai), there is also an Irish place called Kitty Hoynes on a corner right there. Coleman's is in the old Irish section of the city. Erie Boulevard East near its intersection with East Genessee has the usual suspects (TGIF, Ruby Tuesday) as well as some nice Thai, Indian, and Korean-Japanese places. Marshall Street near Syracuse University has King David's (Lebanese) as well as some smallish places that come and go. Dinosaur BBQ on Franklin St is good BBQ for SYR.

    Irish Pub
    58 South St, Glens Falls, NY 12801

    1. Riley's is the place! I would not steer you wrong. It is my fave casual place but very unique and fresh food, you will love it. Sorry I chimed in late, but try it next time. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed unless you arrive late in diner hour and everyone has gobbled up all the best dishes on you!

      1. Try Delmonico's on Erie Blvd. Nice, inexpensive steakhouse.