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Sep 23, 2010 12:10 PM


I'm curious to hear what people think of Lucien on 1st and 1st......besides the fact that Gaby Hoffman (yes, from Field of Dreams & Now and Then) is a waitress there!

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  1. I like the restaurant...a nice neighborhood spot, reliably good (but not great) Bisto fare, and very good service. Lucien himself makes it a particularly welcome and inviting place to spend a long lunch or dinner. I've always liked going there.

    1. What 280 Ninth said. I've spent several lovely Sunday afternoons there, snacking and drinking and chatting with Lucien. It's a special place, not so much for the food as for the very pleasant atmosphere.

      1. I found it cramped, loud, overpriced and the food varying from pretty good to bland and uninteresting, depending on what you order. I don't understand why it is popular.

        1. A nice neighborhood spot describes it to a T. I think the food is reliable and in some cases good but most people are probably there for the cozy atmosphere. Foodwise, I like the filet au poivre, soupe de poisson and the lobster pasta. Salads I would stay away from. Also it can be very loud during the weekend eves, but most of the other time it's very pleasant and a good place to try if you don't have a reservation elsewhere. During the day or weekend brunch the place it is usually quiet as well.

          1. I love Lucien. It has been my go to spot for years. I've yet to find a bistro in New York that matched my experience in Paris quite the way Lucien does. The Filet Au Poivre is one of the best meals I've had in New York City.