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Sep 23, 2010 11:48 AM

MIlwaukee -- food carts and trucks

Perhaps I've missed it, but I haven't seen much discussion on the booming food cart/truck business in town. I'm currently having tacos from a truck near UWM, El Tenampa, which are really pretty good - cilantro and onion, as it should be, with double corn tortilla. Based in Waukesha, according to the side of the truck.

I've also enjoyed the crepes at Satellite Crepes (only the savory). I'm old ;-) so I haven't manage to catch the StreetPizza craze.

I was wondering what experiences and recs others had had?

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  1. I love Satellite Crepes. I tried them for the first time last summer at PBR Fest in Bay View and fell in love. I could kill for one with lemon and powdered sugar right now!

    Have heard really good things about Streetza and kind of wish I worked downtown because they tend to park there during the day. There's also a taco truck that is usually parked down on S. 27th just north of St. Lukes that I've heard good things about. Where near UWM is the taco truck usually at?

    I don't make it down to Water St. much anymore on the weekends (I'm old too :) ) but I used to love a juicy brat topped with onions and cheese from the push carts that park on Juneau and Water. Maybe it was all the beer, but those were very tasty brats!

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      The truck at UWM is usually on Downer and Kenwood. I hope to get down to Cathedral Square one Friday at lunch, before the weather changes too much. There's a food cart fest every Friday.

    2. El Cabrito, on Mitchell at Muskego. Big
      fan of their tortas. Sandwiches come
      With pickled carrots/jalepenos. Standard
      meat options available, but also include beef tongue and goat meat. Tacos are prepared in the aforementioned style. Prices are exceptionally low.

      1. Ofelia's on Water and Mason around lunch hour, very good tacos/enchiladas and tamales (thought the burritos were only ok). They have specials too; shrimp quesadillas, chicken flautas, enchiladas with red mole. The specials sell out fast. Not sure how much longer they're going to be there with it getting colder. Very good, nice people, run by the Waterfront Deli. I think the tamales are particularly well done. Very infrequently do I have a tamal where I find the masa to taste like anything but filler but hers have a rich sweetness that's amazing.

        Also, you can get Streetza at lunch cart Friday in Cathedral Square during lunch hour, as well as Satellite Crepes.

        1. Dr. Dawg has a decent chicago style in Glendale on thursdays and fridays until the actual eatery opens. Port Washington and Green Tree Rd.

          1. Actually anyone in the real Know will tell you to follow Pita Brothers or Tigerbite truck as well if you are a foodie.

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              I follow Pita Bros. on Twitter, but their usual Marquette or 3rd ward locales eliminate them unless it's a Friday at Cathedral Square. And details on Tigerbite, please?

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                tasty, cheap asian-inspired tacos. good egg rolls too.