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Sep 23, 2010 11:34 AM

Peanut Mochi Bread @ Cloverleaf Bakery (Temple City)

Do you like the salty and crunchy?

Do you like the QQ-ness of mochi?

Do you like the chewy and crispy?

Yes, yes, and yes?

Well then, my friend, get thee quickly to Cloverleaf Bakery. And order up yourself a big box of their Peanut Mochi Bread.

What is Peanut Mochi Bread, you ask?

Well, it's a ball of soft, chewy mochi, that's embedded with crunchy peanuts (with a hint of salt), encased in a buttery pillow of soft and chewy bread.

Pick it up, tap on it a bit and it almost sounds like you're knocking on a chestnut, and it smells almost as delectable as a freshly roasted one.

Then you take a bite. And you can feel your knees weaken.

You hear the crunch of the bready outlayer, which sounds surprisingly reminiscent of that first bite of the crust of a pie from Pizzeria Mozza. Then the chewy smooth texture of the mochi meets your lips, and then as you chew that first bite everything just comes together -- the bread, the mochi, the peanuts -- into one great synergistic nirvanic moment.

It's almost too good to swallow.

Available after noon, line forms at 6 a.m. and wristbands handed out after 9 a.m. (ok, kidding about the lines and wristbands, but not the noon part).

$1.50 per.


Cloverleaf Bakery
9475 Las Tunas Dr, Temple City
(cross street is Cloverly, faces a Ralph market and in the same strip mall as Won Won Kitchen)
(626) 285-0100

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  1. Cool, I pass by here somewhat frequently but didn't think of stepping in. Someone recommended their red velvet cupcake-would you have any other recs besides the peanut mochi?

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    1. re: crystaw

      I saw a bunch of stuff there that looked sort of interesting, incl. the cupcakes that you mention, as well a variety of muffins, mini cakes, tarts, and some savory type breads like cuttlefish rolls!

      But, no, didn't try anything else except that darn Peanut Mochi Bread. Sorry.

    2. It's a sort of east-west fusion type of bakery. I like their green tea muffin or bread (I can't remember what it is called). It's subtle in flavor, which I like. I've had some problems going there at 8 AM. Sometimes, it seemed like I got there just before more stuff was to come out of the kitchen. Parking is easy. The atmosphere is very relaxed.

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      1. re: raytamsgv

        I talked to the baker (owner?), who says most of the good stuff doesn't come out until after 11 am, later on the weekends.

        For some reason I get the feeling they're not really after the b-fast crowd, even though they open up at 6 or 7 am.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          That explains it. Did you talk with the woman with multi-colored hair or someone else?

      2. RIP, not the bakery, but the peanut mochi bread. I've been looking forward to trying this for weeks, stopped in on Saturday and the woman behind the counter told me that this wasn't such a popular bread and they elected to discontinue making it. I tried a squid ink roll, very subtle in flavor, a soft, nice roll. Also the Japanese Garlic roll -- looked so good, it had kind of a sweet glaze, or maybe the bread itself was a little sweet, not bad, but not really what I was expecting with the "garlic" moniker.

        Has anyone seen this peanut mochi bread type thing anywhere else? It sounds like the perfect combination of flavors and textures.

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        1. re: debra

          Oh, man, what a downer. Awful way to start off a Monday.

          Thanks for the headsup nonetheless.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Well that stinks. I'm just now learning about peanut mochi bread for the first time.

            Mr Taster