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Fig and Olive opening in Scarsdale!

I just saw the sign today in the Vernon Hills shopping center. It's location will be where Smith and Hawken used to be. Anyone know when they plan to open? I'm so excited!


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  1. That sounds great! They definitely need more good food in the Post Road area.

    1. That area is a sink hole for good food, so that should be a definite improvement!

      1. Yes, it is true! We are opening in the Lord and Taylor shopping center in Scarsdale / Eastchester. Construction is underway. Opening planned for January, after the holidays. Will be just like the Fig you all hopefully know from Manhattan. Thanks for the post!

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          This sounds very promising. i wish it were an earlier opening. Years ago there was a "gourmet" shop with take-out food and a few tables. I don't remember the name, something international. I believe it was a few stores down from Lord and Taylor. Since that place closed there has been no where to eat except across the road at the crowded, over-priced, bagel store.

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            I believe it was called Foods of All Nations. Brings back fond memories!

            1. re: EIF1lady

              Wow, Food of All Nations....used to go there when I worked at L&T back in the day. Great place, but damn it was expensive.

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                Foods of All Nations... now that does bring back memories. It was kind of an odd little store, come to think of it. We used to buy good butter cookies there, iirc. I really don't care for the bagel store. Fig & Olive should be a nice addition.

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                  Does anyone remember Wedge World? It used to be the seedy little deli next to the furrier. It was so dark and dingy, but they made the best sandwiches. I remember their roast beef was always so tender and they gave you plenty of it. The guys were great to the regulars too!

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                    I can't say I even remember where there was a furrier in that area. But, I wish we did have a good deli now.

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                      Wedge World... the name sounds familiar, but I don't recall there being a deli in that area. Was this in the days of Alex and Henry?

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                        The furrier was where Old Navy is now.

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                            I had heard about that a few weeks ago. Also, I heard Johnny Rockets is going into the spot where Friendly's was

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                              I didn't know that Friendly's was gone! Though, I wouldn't be surprised if it were... Johnny Rockets, huh? That's one of those chains that has always tasted better to me when I ate it out-of-state, for some reason :) In any case, it is a step up from Friendly's and will go over pretty well with the local kids.

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                                Do you mean the Friendly's on Rte. 22 in the A and P shopping center? When did it close? We were there last month.

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                                  Closed last month I believe. Right around Thanksgiving

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                                    Oh no! My grown daughter loves that Friendly's and we took her baby there this summer.

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                    Yay...My friends and I are all originally from Manhattan and we work out at NYSC in the same complex. When we saw the sign we were almost jumping for joy! Once you open we'll have to go burn extra calories and then spend them at your restaurant...we can't wait!

                  3. Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but the Fig and Olives in Manhattan are pretty bad. Now granted in Manhattan one's expectations are far higher and the alternatives are far better by comparison but I wouldn't get my hopes up too high that F&O Scarsdale will be so wonderful.

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                    1. re: mla19

                      wow harsh comments, care to indulge as to why it is so bad?

                      1. re: slopeguy

                        I have to agree with mla 19. I do not found the food very uninspiring and I could do without the attitude. They refuse to alter their menu and I mean I asked them if they could leave chicken off the salad.

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                          I don't remember details of my visits but rather the general feeling that nothing I ordered was particularly good. The one on Madison Avenue is often filled with ladies lunching or meeting up after work for drinks and light bites. It's not a real serious food place.

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                          I was about to say the same thing.

                        3. VIP opening starting this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I think the grand opening is this weekend?

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                            We went to the invitation only party last night. I was surprised because I thought it was going to be a gourmet market with a restaurant. there is no market. The tastes we had last night speak well for a good place to sit and have a leisurely lunch. I loved the crostini and DH enjoyed the meats he tried. It is very minimalist in decor and just a little too consciously uptown for the area.

                            1. re: lucyis

                              Oh, we're going to the Sat. nite party. Curious to know -- how long did you stay? Was it fun? We have to decide about dinner afterward (probably elsewhere), so also wanted to know if you were too full for dinner after the tastings/wine ...

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                                We also went to the invitation only party last night, which I commented on yesterday, yet the comment was removed.

                                We enjoyed the tastings they passed, which included tapas, cerviche and rosemary lamb. The space itself is well done and the communal table is a nice touch.

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                                  We stayed close to an hour. We were not too full for dinner as the tastings while plentiful were tiny. We did not stay for dinner. I am wary of dining anywhere until they have been up and running for a few months. We actually went to the other extreme and drove to a diner for a salad afterwards.

                                  1. re: lucyis

                                    We went to the Saturday night opening party last night and it was pretty outrageous. Wine plus a huge variety of non-stop hors'doeurves. From crostini of every variety -- tomato (actually one of the best, don't know how they got the fresh marvelous flavor), Spanish white (mild) anchovy, crimini mushrooms, roasted peppers and olives, shrimp and a variety of other types of hors'd -- lamb, veal, branzino ceviche, on to dessert. Everything was really wonderful and flavorful. The room itself is cool/chic with the long communal table already mentioned. I don't know if diners will like that aspect of the room, but the other seating is limited so I guess they will be forced to. We would definitely give the place a try for dinner. My BF and I looked over the regular menu and wine list, and found that wines by the glass are priced from $12-$15 (!), and bottles from $40-$70+. The menu featured many of the items we sampled and liked last night. Guess we stayed for most of the event, as we indulged a bit too much in both the food and the wine and had to sleep it off.

                                    Fig and Olive clearly spent a fortune for these opening events, but I predict it will pay off in lots of buzz and that they will be successful.

                                    1. re: cloverose

                                      Correction: I am now told that wine by the glass prices on the menu were less than I mentioned above. More like $9-$12/glass. Sorry for the misinformation.

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                                        Been off the boards for a few months and was very interested to see what was said about this place. I live in the area and have heard the prices are an outrage for alcohol. Three friends stopped in for a quick drink and had some beers. They asked for a shot and were told No. So they ordered the same liqour in a rocks glass. Got the bill and it was $60. I've yet to hear one thing about the food.

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                                          delicious and well presented foods. Crazy prices but the crowd that shops and lives there ignore the bill and just give their credit cards- no thought- very well dressed well adorned crowd- very fitting with the chic decor. Always jam packed and buzzing. they found their market- kudos to them! I'll remain the rivertowns peasant using Fig and Olive for special business lunches and occasions and frequent such places like Talim Falaffel in Hastings- doesn't serve figs, doesn't serve olives. Damn good falaffel though!

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                                            Yeshana, is Talim good for eating in, or only for take-out? Thanks.

                                            1. re: mrsdebdav

                                              only a few very small tables and a counter. i dont like any takeout- i think food is better right from the stove but im sure its still good! i would imagine certain times and days you cant get seating. call ahead. yum yum

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                                                falafel is not good cold. when I get it take out near work always regret.

                              2. Beautiful space, delicious food and their Manager Adam is a jewel. So glad they're in the neighborhood !!!

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                                  IMO the food is mediocre and I had to insist to the manager,( don't know if was "Adam," ) to be seated to wait for my friend in a nearly empty restaurant, so I didn't think the manager was a "jewel." The carpaccio must have been shaved with a Trac II razor, it was nearly transparent. And what was most breathtaking about the restaurant were the prices. Many better places to go to be "seen" and for the bang for the buck.

                                  1. re: roxlet

                                    You said it, Rox. One of the most expensive, least filling lunches I've had around here and that's saying something.

                                    I did, however, enjoy my pricey drink.

                                    1. re: roxlet

                                      Depends on your level of sophistication about food....the whole olive oil presentation thing was silly,'cause they weren't anything that special,and the prices were Steep,for ok food.The waitstaff were nice,but didn't know all that much...eh...

                                      1. re: geendatz

                                        I get amused with all the people that convulse with pleasure over the Fig and Olive experience. Enjoy it and just leave some of the better restaurants in Westchester open for those of us that like some fine dining in a relaxed sophisticated environment. When I get stuffed near the corner with my adjoining table mates practically in my lap, have the waiters needing me to move to deliver their food, have small portions of perhaps good but possibly mediocre food in a noisy atmosphere with high priced drinks, I have to say “what am I doing here”. I thought I’d give the place a second chance but wisdom prevailed. My point is, it’s not for everybody and it’s certainly not for me.

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                                      It's great that you like Fig & Olives so much. What other Mediterranean restaurants have you been to in Westchester and how do they compare?