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Sep 23, 2010 10:00 AM

Quebec City visit in October

My husband and I are going to do a trip to Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. We will be staying at the Marriott in Quebec . We have been to all but Quebec and need restaurant advice. Saw earlier posts for l'Épicerie Européenne for cheese and bread, Le Billig for crepes, Aux Petits Delices as a small market and cafe, Paillard for breakfast, Hobbit Bistro & Lapin Saute sounded a lot like what we are looking for. The revolving restaurant on top of the Loews le Concorde looks like fun. Pain Béni looks great but lacks atmosphere. Cafe de Monde looks interesting but got bad reviews, what do you think? Panache and Toast or similar do not interest. We like to fine a great bistro to maybe dine at the bar and meet people. Any recommendations anyone has -- restos, cafes, bars, ... they're all welcome.

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  1. The Astral (the spinning restaurant on top of the Loews Le Concorde) serves average food at high-end prices. The view is incredible but if you're gonna skip the Panache and/or the Toast! I wouldn't be able to justify the Astral. Tourist trap might be overly harsh, but it's close. The Cafe du Monde falls in that same mold (great view of Old Port/St-Lawrence River, ordinary food).

    Le Pain Beni is incredible from all accounts, but your bill will come close to what you would pay at the Laurie Raphael, St-Amour, Toast, Initiale or Panache. You can pull back and eat some incredible food at these tables for decent prices, but I always find I end up in the 150-200$ range per person anyways (wine, tip, etc.). You might do better; my fiscal discipline is notoriously bad. :D

    L'Echaudee and le Cafe du Clocher Penche will both offer you excellent "upper class" bistro menus for reasonable prices. Le Moine Echanson on St-Jean is also highly recommended and has a superb winelist. Dinner at one (or all!) of them is a must.

    Your breakfast choice looks covered. That being said, be aware that Paillard is mainly a pastry/fine foods shop that offers food on a communal table. If you're looking for more traditional sit-down breakfast options, look for the Buffet de l'Antiquaire in the Old Port neighborhood, or one of the Cochon Dingues (there's one in the Petit Champlain of old Quebec). The Lapin Saute also serves really good morning fares!

    There's a great writeup of OliverB's Quebec experience on these boards:

    Read it up as it should offer more clarifications and more options. Suffise it to say, Quebec City is heaven for us foodies!

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        1. If you're into sushi, Metropolitain/Edy Sushi Bar is wonderful. The last time we were there, they had a tuna sashimi with caramalized brown sugar on the outside- divine. I've considered driving the 6 hours to QC just for that restaurant.

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            To SippingChef,
            Just a little remark, your question in very interesting on jazz and many chowounder's would also be pleased to know the answer. Would it be possible next time to start a new topic instead of asking under a so general topic!
            Have a nice time in Quebec

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              Hi there. Thanks for the reply. Hmmm having spent 20 years living in looking for French Bistro/Italian food as opposed to Sushi...though what you had sounds fantastic. We will be parking the car in Old Town for 3 days and walking everywhere to work off all the food and drink. On a bit of budget which is why we are looking for early bird specials. My hubby is a beer we are looking for good tasting houses/pubs too. We are in our early 50's so need some fun stuff to do besides eat. I hear there is a chocolate muesum? Is that true. And I am wondering if the haunted house tour would be fun...since I lived in a haunted house in Belleville, Ontario.


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                Erico is on St-Jean street, not a real museum more an extended chocolate boutique, Where will you be staying it could help me to give you more tips ...

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                  Choco-musée Erico link for the TheSippingChef -

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                    Hi there,
                    we are staying @ Hotel Jardin St.Anne. We have booked dinner @ Sirocco. Going to lunch @ Le Pain Beni and lunch in the Parliament dining room. Toss between L'Echaudee & Le Cafe du Clocher Cafe Bistro du Cap. ..what do you think? Wondering about Avaitic Club for atmosphere...looks like they serve 50 wines by the glass. What's the Rest-Club like for jazz or the XO lounge? And still looking for a good brew pub...curious about L'Oncle Antoine. Will definitely hit the market and Le Buffet de l'Antiquaire.
                    AKA the sipping chef

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                      I just spent the day in Québec City and had lunch at Le Buffet de l'Antiquaire. I thought it was a great choice. Great ambiance...a fancier version of a luncheonette/deli and the prices were great...we are budget eaters so all mains under $15 often including soup and coffee was what we were looking for. I thought the food was solid but nothing out of the ordinary. The club sandwich was just as it would be in a million other places. Same goes for my girlfriend's chicken brochette. Generous portions, however. And the fries were very tasty, certainly above average.