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Sep 23, 2010 09:43 AM

New to Montreal, looking for European grocery store


I just moved to Montreal from Toronto and need to find my new culinary bearings. In Toronto, I frequented the Brandt factory outlet for mostly German products like beerwurst, bratwurst, lakschinken, kolbassa, kabanossa, knackwurst, weiners, Hungarian Salami, beef for making rouladen, haribo gummy bears, sour cherry juice, Tchibo coffee, Milka, Schogetten, etc.

Anyone know of a place that sells some or, preferably, all of these items? I live in the West Island of Montreal and am willing to go pretty far.

Any and all help appreciated!

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  1. yep. Salamico in Ville St. Laurent.

    Phone: 514-336-8711

    1. I suggest Boucherie Atlantique corner Cote-des-Neiges and Queen Mary. I think they are closed on Sundays.

      5060 Cote des Neiges
      Montreal, H3V 1G6

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      1. re: pinalafina

        Atlantique would be your best bet for German specialities.

        1. For the Haribo gummy bears, i've seen them a couple of times at Pharmaprix near Atwater market

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          1. re: westaust

            Westislandian, I live in the WI and even though it is not a hotbed (far from) of great restaurants there are quite a few eastern European shops that make their own sausages.

            For starters there's Petit Munich on St Jean.
            A Swiss place called Bearnoise on St Charles in Kirkland (very good sausages), has been around for a long time.
            Zagreb on Sunnydale corner Sources is also quite good.
            Then there's a Polish place on Pierrefonds (Warta) just west of the bridge going to Ile Bizard on the north side plus a Russian place across the street where Marche Akhavan is (Vielle Europe I think).


            1. re: ios94

              vieille europe is 3855 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

              1. re: ios94

                First off, thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm going to go hunting this weekend in preparation for Thanksgiving .. see what I can find.

                I've been to Warta once. It's true that their traditional Polish sausage, kolbassa, and kabanos are very good, and that they also have the cherry juice. Unfortunately, it's a Polish oriented shop and apart from those items I haven't found much to my taste there. I was kind of hoping to fine a One-Stop-Shop. Bearnoise is definitely on my To Try list though!

                1. re: WestIslandian

                  There is also Bucarest on Decarie, between Cote St. Luc rd and Snowdon. They have huge selection of Eastern European goods, cold cuts, prepared foods (soups, schnitzels etc). It's a bit heavy on the Romanian influence since they are owned by Romanians, but you can find a lot of Russian, Polish, Bulgarian and other Eastern European items.

                  1. re: maisonbistro

                    +2 Bucarest, though I haven't been there in a while--used to love their avocado dip.
                    But the OP seems more interested in German-style, looks like.

                    1. re: bakersdelight

                      I am looking for a more German oriented spot but I am Romanian so I'll give the place a go for sure

                      1. re: WestIslandian

                        WIslandian, the guy who runs Zagreb is actually Romanian, very good guy who I actually used to work with 10 years ago. Hadn't seen him all this time and I just walked in last year only to do a double take. I'm assuming the products he sells are similar to other easter European stores but he does make his own sausages on premises. If your focus is German, then Petit Munich on St Jean is probably your best bet (at least in the WI).

                        1. re: WestIslandian

                          as a German I can guarantee you that you will be very satisfied with whay they offer at Salamico and even more at Petit Munich !!! the owner is Bavarian and they have great meat and breads there, its a restaurant with a grocery part !!

                          1. re: FortyMan

                            I live in Pierrefonds and I was under the impression that Petite Munich on St. John's was closed, and has been for some time. I could be wrong. Isn't that the place across the street from Loblaws?

                            Gotta agree on Zagreb though. Great sausages made on the premises.

                            1. re: Haggisboy

                              No, it's still there. If I'm not mistaken they changed locations and occupy a smaller store in that strip mall across Loblaws, right next to the bank (TD I think). Was there a few times just this past summer.

              2. Charcuterie Fairmount has the best Hungarian sausage that I have ever had. Made by Joe, the owner.