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Sep 23, 2010 09:31 AM

rumtopf - has anyone made this?

I read about Rumtopf and other boozy fruits in yesterdays NY Times. Has anyone tried this - particularly a rumtopf recipe of just nectarines/peaches and plums? I'm thinking it might be a fun addition to my canning repertoire as gifts and such.

The NY Times rumtopf recipe:

The NY Times article on boozy fruits:

The article also had some recipes for what to do with concord grapes and other fruits.

Thanks for your thoughts/experiences/etc.

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  1. I did a sort of variant. I filled a Mason jar with a mixture of cut-up fruitcake fruit, pecans, golden raisins, and chocolate chips then poured dark Jamaican rum up to the top of the jar and kept this in the refrigerator for months. We ate it on ice cream.

    1. It's the German version of Sangria using rum instead of wine. Easy to make and, IMO, much better than Sangria.

      1. I've read some great things about rumtopf, but I can't understand how people eat the fruit. I infuse fruit every summer. When it gives up its flavor, it's just smooshy fiber and booze. Raspberries can literally end up white. I dunno. Maybe I just don't love straight alcohol enough. But I bet the infusion is fabulous, especially if you use fully ripe, unsprayed fruit.

        I just love putting gorgeous fruit into good high proof liquor. My big splurge last year was pear eau de vie twice infused with ripe quince. You can practically wear it as perfume and it's gorgeous cold. And when I pick raspberries for jam, the soft ripe (fragrant!) ones go into vodka as soon as I get them home. You can tell the difference between meh berries and fabulous berries in the end product.

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          Hi Vetter, wondering if you could say more about the quince. I have some I would love to infuse. Did you cook it at all first? If not, just core and peel(?) to the booze? How long did yours sit? Thanks much!

          1. re: Vetter

            Id like to hear more about the quince! sburlon, quince liqueur was our favorite in Italy a few years back.

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              At the end of last fall (peaches & plums), I did do the rumtopf and gave it away at xmas time. I haven't asked my sisters if they've opened them yet. But as Vetter pointed out, I expect the fruit will have given up all its goodness to the liquid.

              I also made the boozy concord grapes and they are simply awesome. Only drawback is concords have seeds so you have to pay attention when eating them!

              1. re: LNG212

                I used to make that but that was a years ago when it was more popular.
                It was delicious over vanilla ice cream or even as a sub for jam/jelly over a peanut butter sandwich. It smelled intoxicating. The smell was good and you wanted to have a spoonful and enjoy.