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Dinner in Glen Allen, VA

I'll be doing 2 overnights in Glen Allen, VA in mid-November (about a week apart). Looking for recommendations for places not too far (1/2 hour or so) from the Marriott. Only food I don't like is Indian. Would also stay away from sports bars.

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  1. Marriott on Dominion. Or Marriott Courtyard.

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      It's the SpringHill Suites Marriott at 9701 Brook Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059

    2. You are pretty close to Richmond and lots of good restaurants. Do you have any specific price range or types of food in mind? Nice or casual? etc.?

      1. If your hotel is on Dominion go S to W Broad St. Go W about 3 miles to Short Pump Town Center on your right to Firebird's Wood Fired Grill for outstanding fresh seafood and steaks.

        Firebird's Wood Fired Grill @ Suite 1068, 11800 W Broad Street, Richmond, VA 804 - 364 - 9744

        1. For best steak (seafood very good as well, excellent fried oysters on appetizer list) near to your Hotel is Hondo's http://www.hondosprime.com/

          1. This would be longer than a half an hour, but worth the trip. It looks like you'll be staying near I-295 north of Richmond. I-295 south will take you all the way around Richmond to Petersburg, VA fairly quickly. (about 30 miles away) Just past Petersburg on Rt. 460 east (towards Norfolk) are two places that we like to go to. In Waverly, VA, there is Cowlings BBQ. Freshly cooked on site, and good. A little further down the road is the VA Diner. An old established and popular VA southern cooking restaurant. Both are a bit of a drive, but I-295 will get you there faster than you might think.

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              foodjack - appreciate the recommendations, but I doubt that I'm going to drive an hour each way after the trek to get to Glen Allen. Maybe I'll think about staying in Petersburg next trip.

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                I think you will be much happier with more options in staying in the area you are currently reserved. Just my opinion.

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                  NXS - I'm in complete agreement with that. I've done enough PA to FL trips to know that when I hit my stops, I don't want to spend more than a 1/2 hour getting to a restaurant. Many times I've taken suggestions from folks on Chowhound and gotten take-out dinners. I'm not one to push myself to exhaustion for a great meal when I can relax with a good meal.

            2. Buz and Ned's is a Richmond tradition serving outstanding BBQ and cold drinks. Anthonry's and George's has outstanding fresh seafood and steaks. If you would like to go to a good local casual cafe and bar go N on Brook Road 1.4 miles to Sliding Hill Road. Take a right and go 1.3 mile to Atlee Station Road. Take a left and go to O'Bank's Cafe and Grill for good casual fun.

              Buzz and Ned's Real BBQ @ 1119 N. Blvd., Richmond, VA. 804 - 355 - 6055.
              Anthony and George's Steakhouse @ 7505 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, Virginia 804 - 266 - 4182.
              O'Bank's Cafe and Grill @ 10392 Leadbetter Road, Ashland, VA 804 - 550 - 3888.

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                The shrimp n' grits at O'Bank's is really good.

              2. So it looks like you are pretty near Innsbrook.

                Not so much for food, but for beer and snacks Capital Ale House is fun. I love the frites with 4 different types of mayos.

                I also really like Da Lat out that way for Vietnamese food. It's sister restaurant, Mekong, is great for Vietnamese and an awesome beer selection.

                There are plenty of restaurants in Short Pump Town Center, but most are chains (Firebirds, Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, etc.) I do really like a place across from the mall called Barrel Theif for tapas and wine. It is a wine store/restaurant combined.

                For BBQ out that way, I also really like Grandpa Eddie's. Good ribs, fried okra, smoked kielbasa, etc.

                I also like Thai Diner for casual Thai food.

                You also aren't too far from Richmond, especially depending on when you're driving into the city, so you may just want to check out restaurant recs in general on here.

                Capital Ale House
                623 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219

                Innsbrook Cafe
                4551 Cox Rd Ste 112, Glen Allen, VA 23060

                1. Actually, it looks like you're really not that close to Innsbruck or the West End at all. Your hotel is near Virginia Center Commons, and all of your nearby choices will be chains. I recommend going into Richmond (a short drive down 95) and hitting one of the great spots downtown or in the Fan, Check out the websites for Comfort, Kuba Kuba, or Edo's Squid for great local places that are way better than any of the chain places close to the Springhill Suites.

                  Edo's Squid
                  411 N Harrison St, Richmond, VA 23220

                  Kuba Kuba
                  1601 Park Ave, Richmond, VA 23220

                  1. I was going to recommend Impanema Grill, which isn't too far from there, but it seems to have closed. :( I'd second Capital Ale House, the burgers are really good (there's another location down the way from where you are, the link below's for the downtown location).

                    Capital Ale House
                    623 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219