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Sep 23, 2010 09:17 AM

Warwick Apple Fest

Hi, I saw info online about the Warwick Apple Fest - I live in Dutchess County and never have been to Warwick though I hear it is a nice town with cute shops.

Anyone been to the Apple Fest? Sounds like a lot of fun - comments?

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  1. I'm in and around that region every weekend. Warwick is a fun town with cute shops and restaurants and such, and there are orchards a-plenty. However, the area is mobbed during Apple Fest. I went to an orchard during Apple Fest and I might as well have been in the city.

    If you would like to cruise around a cute town, go apple picking, and enjoy the foliage, go another weekend. You can still hike, pick apples, visit wineries, have dinner at the Iron Forge Inn and have ice cream at the Bellvale Creamery (which you MUST do and do it soon as they close at the end of the month), enjoy foliage, and shop on other weekends.

    Iron Forge Inn
    Iron Forge Rd, Bellvale, NY 10912

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      What attracts thousands of people to this festival every year?