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Sep 23, 2010 07:37 AM

Wrap tray - I'm scared!

Hi there, I'm a first time poster. This appeared to be the best match for this category, but apologies in advance if I have put this in the wrong place.

I have to make various types of wraps for 100 people. I have made them before, but on a much smaller scale. Some people call this type of tray a lavash tray; however, I am not using lavash bread. I am using a standard 12" flour tortilla wrap. I will be cutting the wraps into 1-2 inch pieces and (hopefully) artfully arranging them.

Since I've never done this large of a job with wraps before, I'd love some tips on how to make it easier/faster. I've never been sure how to properly roll up a wrap for this type of application, nor how to get it to stick together. In the past I have discarded the ends, but if there's a way to save them and make them look like the other pieces, that'd be great. Additionally, I won't be putting any condiments on the wraps, just lettuce, deli meat, and cheese. Thanks in advance!

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  1. They won't stock together if the only content is lettuce, meat, and cheese. At least ue some cream cheese to glue the outside.

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      They stick together fine without adhesive, I do it all the time. You just have to roll them really tight into a 12 inch tortilla. Then I cut them on the diagonal for better presentation.

      You put the meat, cheese and lettuce etc about a third of the way in, fold in a few inches on each side to get started and then roll as tight as you can. I'll see if I can find the diagram on the Tyson website for foodservice operators.

    2. Toothpicks are an easy way to keep everything in place without using condiments.

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        Not to mention it's just that little bit more sanitary to pick up since lots of people will be sticking their hands in the tray. Point the toothpicks up for easy grabbing.

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          Frilled toothpicks for that festive look! Totally agree.

      2. I'm with Greygarious on this one. Had a hummus/red pepper wrap recently at a cafe, and the hummus was such a parsimonious swipe that I couldn't choke it down -- much too dry. Had to bring it home and put some pesto on it.

        Toothpicks work great to keep the pieces together, but why don't you want to use lubrication on the inside? If you're worried about being at room temp for a while, lots of things stand up to that, like hummus, pesto, roasted red pepper spread, bean puree, even mayo.

        Personally, I prefer to roll without tucking the ends in. Too much tortilla on the end pieces. Just roll, slice, save the ends for a cook's treat. Put them in the freezer and you'll be set for a month.

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        1. re: nemo

          I'm with Nemo on the tucked ends. There's nothing I dislike more than biting into a wrap or a burrito and ending up with a mouthful of dry floury substance when what I wanted was an oozy, delicious bite o' filling. Cutting on the diagonal is also a great idea, much prettier and will showcase a greater portion of the ingredients inside.
          One thing you might try, if you're adamant about no condiments, is just to use a pastry brush dipped in water to seal it. Because it's a flour tortilla, it should work just fine. Just don't over-moisten it; you don't want gluey, just adhered. Question, though? A tad of homemade garlic aioli would be a super glue, and just a touch won't add much to the caloric values but will add to the flavor.

          1. re: mamachef

            Thanks so much for everyone's responses. I don't want to use condiments because basically, not everyone likes them. My bosses have said they would prefer them plain, so that's how I've got to do them. I was thinking about doing the pastry brush idea anyway, so glad to hear that this will work. Personally I'd love them with a garlic aioli! Instead of the toothpick thing, I am going to provide tongs to pick up the wraps, or possibly toothpicks on the side. I'm not keen on the idea of having them stuck out of each wrap. Thanks so much for the suggestions, guys, you are all fantastic!

            1. re: amitys

              You might supply some condiments or dips on the side if people want to spice it up a little like your garlic aioli or roasted red pepper aioli. I know if it was me, I would appreciate it.

        2. I've never been a fan of tortilla wraps--they can be dry and cardboardy. (Tortillas were made to be heated)

          You might consider a couple of bowls of sauce to serve on the side; pesto, guacamole, and/or cucumber-lemon juice yogurt. Provide small ladles or spoons so people don't dip directly into the sauce. Agree with the picks on the side.

          You might use a sushi maker's mat to help you roll them; squeeze lightly to meld the ingredients before cutting using a very sharp, large knife.

          Place them on the serving tray about 1" apart for better presentation. Fresh grape leaves, if you can get them, make a nice foundation. The rolls pop out against the green. Garnish with a few red and yellow grape tomatoes sprinkled around the platter. Keep a slightly damp tea towel or saran over the wraps till you serve. I sure hope your bosses appreciate the work you're doing!

          and...Welcome, hope to see you back again!