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Sep 23, 2010 07:33 AM

Need your help : Coffee.

Hi guys, I am a student in Geophysic at the University du Québec à Montréal ( UQAM ) , and I am wondering where is the best place to take a coffee, relax and read my several books.

I need a place with not '' too much '' noise , wich mean that people can talk ( I don't want a library lol ) but not heavy metal music.

* I would like that your place is in downtown, or near , but give me everything anyway :P *

Where is the place I am looking for ;)

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  1. If there's still a Caffe Art Java downtown, that might suit you. I haven't been past the corner where it was in awhile though, so it might be gone. It was at University & President Kennedy. Another option would be Cafe Imagination over on Sherbrooke & du Parc.

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    1. re: eoj

      Its still there but the quality has gone down considerably.

      1. re: kpaxonite

        I'm not too surprised to hear that. It's very true of the Caffe Art Java on Mont-Royal too.

    2. I went to Art Java ( Mont-Royal )

      Wasn't bad at all, food was ok, and my chaï latte was good.

      Nice and comfortable chair. I spend around 4h00 there and I never feel like someone wanted to put me outside.

      Nice place to study anyway ;)

      1. Not downtown but Mile End's Caffè in Gamba meets all your requirements. You can't normally count on the comfortable seats being unoccupied. But these days, with all the construction on Park Avenue, are hardly normal meaning there's often a choice seat or two available.

        Caffè in Gamba
        5263, avenue du Parc
        514 656-6852