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Sep 23, 2010 06:52 AM

USVI: St. Thomas - Foodies with a toddler

My family (me, hubby, 2 year old toddler and in laws) are going to be in St. Thomas (east end) the beginning of Jan with our 2 year old son. I am a chef and my husband and in-laws are all hard core foodies. We really want to eat well (more than burgers and fries), but don't want to eat places where a loud toddler would not be welcome. Does anyone know of restaurants that are particularly friendly to kids? Also are there places in the east end that would be good for my hubby and I to hit after the kiddo has gone to bed?

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  1. Duffy's Love Sahck in Red Hook!

    For Kid Friendly spots on the East side, try Agave @ Point Pleasant; Seagrape @ Sapphire Resort, maybe Cuzzin's in Charlottel Amalie (but you need to go there either way).

    For adults- Blue Moon at Secreat HArbour, hotel 1829 in Charlottle Amalie and Room with a View in Bluebeards Castle.