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Sep 23, 2010 06:29 AM

Liberty Tavern Lately

Liberty Tavern in Clarendon has always been one of my favorite places. The beer is great (Get Dale's Pale Ale on draft), the food is consistent, and it's walkable for me. Unfortunately, I was somewhat dissappointed in the pasta selections this summer. I did like the lamb in the oriechette but was underwhelmed otherwise. I checked out the menu yesterday and the fall menu has been posted. The pastas sound excellent and they have some other must try dishes. Has anyone visited yet and is willing to share reviews for this fall menu?

The Liberty Tavern
3195 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

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  1. Haven't been in a while, was disappointed with pastas this summer too. I think chef was perhaps running a bit thin with all the other restaurants. Would love a more recent report from someone, I used to be a regular there, but haven't been in a while now.

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      I think I will head sometime this weekend. I want to try the oriechette or tortellini. Will report back

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        remember it is clarendon day this saturday, fwiw.

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          oops... I think that means I have a running race tomorrow. Well, I will check it out and issue a report when I have eaten the fall menu

    2. I went a lot this summer too, but yet to be back since the new menu launched. I have to say, I was VERY impressed with the pasta option I had- gnocchi with fresh summer veggies (squash, tomatoes, beans), goat cheese and brown butter (plus up-charge truffles). I absolutely loved the dish! Had it once for lunch and again for a dinner. I thought it was just a great dish that came together perfectly with veggies that tasted like that came straight from the Farmer's Market. I don't believe I've ever tried any of their other pastas, but I loved that one enough to order it twice.

      I'm partial to their Amish roasted chicken and I really like the pairings they have with it on the new menu (sour-cream mashed potatoes and mostarda), so I'll probably try that. To be honest, the pastas don't look as appealing to me, but I think that's due to personal taste (not a huge fan of lamb or mustard).

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        I wanted to continue helping people with this thread.
        My latest experience was early January and it was excellent again. I had the tortellini because the fall/winter squash "bolognese" sounded great. It was a very nicely done sauce. I see on the latest menu that the pastas has shifted again. I had a pasta in the fall that is similar to the seafood stew currently on the menu. That was also great with lots of seafood. My favorites continue to be the Pork Chop and Strip Steak, both on the current menu.
        Try one of the seasonal beers. Last time I was there, it was Left Hand Milk Stout and Bell's Winter White. I just wouldn't recommend the heavy Milk Stout for a first beer.

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          it is a damn annoying website of theirs that automatically downloads a menu onto my computer when i click to see the menu. am i doing something wrong?

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            the PDF does appear to be downloading. However, it would only show up in your temporary internet files. Make sure that you are only clicking "open" and not "save" when the dialog box pops up. Also, make sure you are using Internet Explorer. It sometimes stays around if I am on google chrome.

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              i'm on mac, and am definitely not "saving it," but it still is on my desktop unless i delete it. also, i use safari as browser.

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                Then t hat would be annoying. Well, I just checked it out and it looks like there isa menu within the past few weeks. I think I am going to check it out this weekend.

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                  We had a nice dinner at LT during Restaurant Week, I had the NY Strip, and the wife had Gnocchi. I don't want the thread to degrade into a tech discussion, but if your Mac is opening PDFs in Preview, it saves them to Documents by default. I cull through them from time to time to delete all of the menus, etc that I accumulate.

                  1. re: Henry Spencer

                    my issue is that it downloads the pdf in the first place.

        2. Did they changed chefs?

          I have to say that I tried Liberty Tavern on two separate occasion when they first opened and I wasn't impressed. The pizza at the bar tasted like cardboard, simply had no flavor. Likewise, I tried other selections from their bar menu and nothing really was a hit. Everything was either under seasoned or simply was a bad combination of flavors. I like the atmosphere so I do drink there on occasion. I never moved past the bar menu to try the dining room, because I figured that if you screw up simple dishes at the bar then I won't waste money on the pricier entrees. That being said I'm wondering if that was simply opening jitters and if things have improved in the last year or two. Thoughts?

          The Liberty Tavern
          3195 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

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            My husband and I went to Liberty Tavern last weekend for dinner and really enjoyed it. While I wasn't crazy about the peanut soup I had as a starter, the trout-parsnip puree-huckleberry gelee dish was outstanding and my husband got some homemade sausage dish which he loved. Our service was great, too, as were the cocktails. The only disappointment was the dessert -- but that could have to do more with the choices that were available (i'm just not a big fan of lemon, mousse, etc) than the actual desserts themselves.

            The Liberty Tavern
            3195 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

          2. Was there this past weekend. The apple/endive salad was as good as ever, branzino was really good. The sauce with it had great acidity and still was rich, it came with white beans and broccoli and vegetables and was really well balanced and so fresh tasting, really enjoyable.

            Hubby had flank steak his favorite thing there and he really liked it, the potato, cheese gratin that came with was so rich he could only eat a few bites, and shared a couple bites, man it was rich, but it was tasty. Also brought a friend who had pasta she said it was very good.

            Had the passionfruit parfait far dessert which I liked, was nice and refreshing. Overall everyone had a really good meal. I like the new menu it has a lot more options and a lot more things that can be made gluten free too.

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                And Matt Hill coming from Range, that should be a good fit!