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Sep 23, 2010 06:05 AM

Good bakery/pastry shops that use REAL BUTTER New Haven/Fairfield Counties

My coworker is looking for very good bakeries/pastry shops in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. Maybe as far down as Westport(he lives in Stratford). He wants places that use real butter. He recently tried Del Prete's in Bridgeport and wasn't too happy with them. Where can you find cookies made with real butter, that's important! How is Isabelle & Vincent in Fairfield, are their pastries worth it?

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  1. Isabelle & Vencent's pastries are amazing. Definitely not on the cheap side, but worth the splurge. In particular, I like the mini raspberry tarts, the chocolate/rasperry bombe, and their cookies. The chocolate cookie that looks like a little pretzel is like the most perfect butter cookie combined with rich dark chocolate. He might also want to try Billy's Bakery on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield - their cookies are very good, and definitely taste of real butter. As for Del Prete, they are great for their pastries (eclairs and cannoli in particular), but nothing special for the cookies.

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      No physical location yet (November, maybe) but he may want to stop by one of the Farmer's Markets listed on the bakery's website:

      Stuff is amazing, no pastries though but there's cookies and bread (and quiche.)

    2. I second Isabelle & Vincent.. lovely French pastries, including the millefeuille aka napoleon.