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Best buffet in Las Vegas

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Going to Las Vegas for first time in many years. Any suggestions for a really good buffet?

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  1. Best seafood buffet in Vega,s! Easy answer, from a local! Check out the Fremont Hotel on Fremont street, downtown, off the strip. Costs only about $18.00, sports Crab Legs, Oysters, Clams, Mussels, and even Lobster Claws most of the time. Call ahead on that, but everytime I went they had them, about, 5 - 6 times! They have a full bar with italian specialties, desserts, all kinds of things. I was never unhappy, no need to pay $32.00 at Bellagio or Rio for the same thing. This is definately an insiders tip!

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      is this the paradise buffet for $15.99 offered on tuesdays, fridays, and saturdays?

      am thinking about checking it out this weekend...how's the quality of the seafood?

    2. I've been told the one at the Wynn is excellent.

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        Wynn used to be good (I went when it recently opened) -- it went WAY downhill upon a revisit a month and a half ago. It's not awful bad (or even bad at all) but definitely overprice for what it is now. :(

        I'd definitely recommend checking out downtown casinos for good, cheap eats. But yea, check the Southwest Boards (surprised LV doesn't get their own), they're sure to have much more insider tips about the ins and outs of chow there ;)

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          I had an excellent experience at the Wynn Buffet about a month ago. Perfect meats and seafood and interesting side dishes; nothing was bad, and most was excellent. Worth the HIGH price of admission.

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            I was at the Wynn lunch buffet a few weeks ago. I'll agree that it was much better when it first opened. The selections were better and there were more interesting items. Still way ahead of the Bellagio though, especially when it comes to service. When you order hot tea, the hot water comes out and the teabag follows 10 minutes later. Plates aren't cleared. Drinks aren't refilled.

        2. Hate to admit this but I worked at the Wynn last year and I was very disappointed. I though it was overpriced for what you got.

          1. We really enjoyed the breakfast buffet in Paris. The atmosphere, the food, and the service were all excellent. We aren't buffet people, and we ate there twice during our stay. If you go, make sure that you try the crepes.

            1. We aren't normally buffet people either but we hit the Paris breakfast buffet twice during our last trip up to Las Vegas....the price was $12 and we figured if we sat down and ordered of a menu somewhere else(on the strip) we'd be paying that much anyhow. We were pleasantly surprised...made to order omelets, made to order crepes, several different stations offering various meats, pancakes, waffles, fruits, pastries, etc, fresh juice. We didn't stuff ourselves either visit,one morning splitting an omelette, having some sausage with it, some potatoes and toast - with coffee and juice. Again, just based on the value it's not to be missed.

              We did the Aladdin buffet for dinner a couple years ago just to check it out and see what a Las Vegas buffet was all about. Was supposedly rated very good....at the time $28 each. Fresh crab legs and the mediterranean station stand out in my mind as things we enjoyed but for the most part we wished we'd spent our money elsewhere and ordered off a menu(but again, normally we aren't buffet folks and this particular experience reinforced the reasons why)

              1. Had the buffet at the Bellagio last year and thought it was great. But I just might have to try the Fremont when I'm in Vegas in November. Thanks for the tip, Pot.

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                  Back from Vegas? Did you try the buffet at Fremont? I went in October, last minute trip to Vegas. My whole family went together, 20 of us! Everyone seemed satisfied, but they didn't have the lobster claws that day. They have them on and off, you can call that day to see if they will have them. That's the first time I've been though out of may 8 times they didn't have them, guess I was just luckly all those times. But, I still enjoyed it, and the price, who can complain!

                2. Bellagio does a very nice buffet and if I to pick just one buffet to try on a trip to Vegas, it'd definitely be Paris Breakfast Buffet. The made to order crepes are great, their coffee is decent and it's a nice atmosphere, not like a big cattle drive.

                  1. I would recommend the Bellagio buffet although you should go on a weekday. I've found that the price difference between weekday dinner and weekend dinner is too great for the difference in food. Whatever you do, do NOT go to the Aladdin buffet. It used to be a good buffet but they have moved it to a new location and the quality and selection have gone seriously downhill.

                    1. We're totally not into buffets - not "mass quantity" type of eaters but of course, when in LV do as others do, right?

                      So we decided to give one a whirl and chose the Paris for a late lunch. We were surprised to find that it was not as offensive as we expected, in fact, it was pretty good.

                      We especially enjoyed the made-to-order crepe station, as others have mentioned. If you bypass the more mundane dishes (i.e.; just because you're in "France" don't expect any great cheese choices) and focus on the more unusual, this can be a decent choice. The line was not awful, service inside was efficient and it appeared pretty clean and dishes were always full. Plus, it did try and recreate being in a cafe in some sense, if you could ignore all the hot chafing dishes. All in all, not a bad choice.

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                        The problem with buffets for me is that the ones worth going to have had their prices jacked up so much that I'm thinking that if I'm paying $35 for a buffet, I could pay a few dollars more and go to the Circus-Circus steakhouse, Seablue, or any number of places. If buffet is what you want, then go all the way and go to the Wynn or Bellagio. How often are you in Vegas? Pay the extra...since you said you like lots of different foods, you'll get more and better at one of the top buffets.

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                          Paris at breakfast is the grandaddy of all breakfast buffets. You'll be full all day, by far the best quality imho.

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                            I just checked bellagio and wynn buffet prices and have definitely gone up since my last visit. Bellagio's weekday dinner is 27.95 and weekend dinner is 35.96. Wynn's weekday dinner is 33.95 and weekend dinner is 37.95?! Do you guys know if the menu changes at all on the weekend for these places? and if so what. I remember wynn's buffet being very limited on selection compared to bellagio but the quality was excellent.

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                              I did not see a separate "gourmet dinner" option at the Wynn for the weekends. My guess is that people are willing to pay more on the weekends.

                        2. Definitely the Bellagio buffet. Enormous selection and good quality, including good quality Chilean seabass steaks that melts in your mouth served recently. As mentioned previously, go on a weekday because there is no difference in the menu but unlike the price which is approximately $26? instead of $34?

                          We tried Aladdin just recently as well. I don't know how it was before but the the restaurant was relocated to the second floor to a temporary location where the cafe was previously. It was very dark and food selection and quality was just average for a buffet, except crab legs and shrimp cocktail. The size of the shrimps was noticeably smaller than Bellagio, for example.

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                            That's a shame about the Aladdin, because it used to be a pretty impressive spread.
                            I'd also recommend Caesars for Sunday brunch. It was only about $18 last time I was there, and includes champagne. It's not Dom, but it's still a nice touch.

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                              In all fairness, try holding a buffet in a temporary location and you'll see why where is a decline in quality. I would suggest that you wait until they open teh new facility before trying it.

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                                The Aladdin buffet is back in its original location after a remodel and, according to reports from the alt.vacation.las-vegas newsgroup, it's back to its usual high standards. When we lived in LV, we went to the Aladdin when we wanted a very nice buffet that didn't overdo the butter, as Bellagio does.

                            2. Having lived in Las Vegas for almost 2 years and a frequent returner (went last month, and leave this Wednesday to go back, will be there all of January!) I guess I just think differently. Having worked at Wynn, I'm not flabergasted by the big casinos and new casinos, and don't want to pay more money for new chairs to sit in. Just want to pay for good food and it really be worth the money. If you want to have dinner at Bellagio or Wynn then pay the high prices for Alex or one of the ones at Bellagio and get it over with. If you want a buffet then go to one that has good food and reasonable prices. Like somebody else said paying for a buffet for $37.00 is pointless. You can't eat that much food, well I can't, and the selection is really average, and the food is made in mass quantities resulting in average food. I still suggest the Fremont at $17 bucks for a seafood buffet that absolutely has everything, pastas, mexican, italian, and creole, and the seafood on the half shell. If you call ahead that day, they may have lobster claws out too! And, you even have enough money left over to eat there another night!! LOL! Let me put it this way: I ate at Fremont about 8 or so times and will go back. I ate at Wynn's buffet once and will never go back. Get the message?

                              1. We did the Bellagio buffet for lunch last weekend. Given the hype, we were not impressed. Selection was nice, overall quality was OK, but I was expecting to be knocked out and I wasn't.