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Sep 23, 2010 04:51 AM

lunch/brunch in or near Portsmouth

Looking for a restaurant in or near Portsmouth for lunch/brunch for 3 generations, including a 2 year old. Would like an ocean view but not necessary.

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  1. Wentworth By the Sea has a Sunday Brunch.

    1. Warren's is a local landmark--the salad bar is legendary:

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        Never been to Warren's because I would rather buy local lobster and cook it myself than pay such high prices. Everyone raves about the salad bar, but I don't know . . is it really *that* good?

        1. re: bewley

          It's a "family" restaurant, nuff said. i love the brunch at WbtS, but it's pricey, maybe not the best venue for a 2 year old.

      2. Wentworth By The Sea, has an unbelievable Brunch. And I think they would find you a table that could accomadate your 2 year old. We sat not in the main dining area, but on the outskirts and believe me, no one would have been troubled by a squirmy toddler. Call ahead and ask to speak to the manager, so you can be specific. At almost $30 dollars a person, it's a tad expensive.