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Sep 23, 2010 03:54 AM

Roasting Winter Squash Seeds

How 'clean' of fiber are your seeds before you roast them?
Olive oil, salt and...herbs? cayenne?
thank you

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  1. Mine are usually pretty clean. I always keep it simple, evoo, salt. The nutty flavor of the seeds is sufficient for my own taste.

    1. Mine are usually not very clean. I pick off the big chunks and give them a rinse in a colander. I like mine roasted low and slow, so they don't stick in your teeth when you chew them, and this process seems to make the stringy stuff unobtrusive. I've never tried anyhting but salt, but it sounds good!

      1. Thank you, mine are pretty clean. I'm going with the recommendation for slow over.

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          I roasted at 275 for about 25 minutes and the seeds wouldn't crisp, success with another five minutes very high temp.

        2. Mine are fairly clean; I rinse them in a colander, then salt them while they're still wet, before roasting. That's all - no oil or other flavorings. Low and slow also has the advantage that you don't have to check them as carefully; at high heat they burn or scorch easily if you let them go even a little bit too long.

          1. Last fall I used a bit of maple sugar and cayenne - it was great!

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              that sounds great, I'll try that this week.