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Sep 22, 2010 11:18 PM


Any new info on Bologna?

I am thinking Gigina, Meloncello and Serghei. Any other suggestions?

A friend recommended Da Silvio. Does anyone know this place?

Thanks again.

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  1. Oh and any good bars or bacari would also be great. Is there much of an aperitivo culture in Bologna?

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      We found only a couple of aperitivo places in Bologna, but nothing like the scale seen in Milan and other parts. Maybe we missed it?

      S-wine Bar on Via Augusto Righi had a simple one. No great shakes, but acceptable. If I recall correctly, they didn't offer a buffet but brought you a small mixed plate

    2. Skip Meloncello. We went there because it was open on Sunday, but found it disappointing and overpriced for what it is. The food was mediocre and the selection very limited, and because there is no printed menu, you have no idea what it will cost. For the same price you could go to Da Gianni (closed Sunday, if this is an issue), which has infinitely better food, large variety, great atmosphere and service, and you don't have to go schlepping out to the edge of the city.

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        "For the same price you could go to Da Gianni (closed Sunday, if this is an issue), which has infinitely better food, large variety, great atmosphere and service, and you don't have to go schlepping out to the edge of the city."

        I second Da Gianni!

      2. I just returned a week ago from Bologna. Gigina was not as good as I was expecting, both of our pasta dishes were overly salty. The best meal the entire trip (2 weeks in Piedmont, Liguria, and Emilia Romagna) was at Da Amerigo in Savigno, near Bologna.

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        1. re: felice

          great report. I think Allende recommended Da Amerigo also on a recent thread.

          looking forward to hearing about all the places you ate and what dishes you liked!

          1. re: jen kalb

            I don't have much time these days for writing long detailed reports, but I'll start with our amazing meal at Da Amerigo and maybe post on other places later if I have time.

            Da Amerigo has a traditional tasting menu, the seasonal tasting menu, and dishes a la carte. Since we had already tried many of the items on the traditional tasting menu, we decided to branch out and go for the seasonal tasting menu at 50 euros per person. While perusing the menu, we were brought several cubes of fried chickpea batter and a bit of prosecco, a nice way to start the evening.

            First course was carne cruda cylinders capped at both ends with a thin round of black truffle, and then covered with black truffle shavings. Of all the various raw uncured meats I've tried from varying cultures, Italian carne cruda is my personal favorite. It's extremely flavorful yet simple, and the addition of the black truffle doubled my enjoyment of this dish. I ate this as slowly as possible, making sure I cleansed my palate with bread or wine after each bite so that the next bite would be just as stunning as the first.

            Then there was a vegetable dish, all of which perplexed me during this trip because the vegetables (eg green beans, squash) were cooked until very soft. As someone who prefers crunchy, stir fried vegetables, I didn't particularly enjoy any of the cooked veggies on this trip.

            Third was risotto with canaroli rice and porcini mushrooms, which was excellent but not out of this world.

            Fourth was capreto, baby goat. Between this dish and the carne cruda, I was floored. The goat will likely be the best goat I'll ever eat. Served three ways, the leg and back were roasted until all the sinewy parts were gelatinous, particularly in the crevices between the bones. The goat must have been roasted for 5-10 hours. By the time I was done, the bones were pulled apart and dry. A subtle combination of herbs enhanced the gamey flavor of the goat. The second preparation was the rib chop, seared and served rare. This was definitely a treat. For anyone who like lamb chops, I would highly recommend baby goat chops. The third preparation looked like a sausage patty, and the waitress rubbed her stomach when describing it. I would guess it was a patty made from innards. It was very lean and had a springy texture and clean taste. Perhaps intestine. It was accompanied by a small piece of liver skewered with a toothpick.

            For dessert I simply had some gelato topped with balsamic vinegar.

            1. re: felice

              thanks for the wonderful report, my mouth is watering! wondering what you drank in Bologna area?

              1. re: jen kalb

                I am a huge fan of Drogheria della Rosa! The meal always starts with a wonderful copa of champagne, and Emanuele, the owner, will be thrilled to recommend wines from the area and will even let you visit his cava underneath the restaurant which has a beautiful selection of italian wines. He will also be delighted to share his love of opera with you.

                Best of all the restaurant is just a couple blocks away from Sorbetteria di Castiglione, where you will enjoy a not to be missed gelato!