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Sep 22, 2010 08:36 PM

Looking for Private Room in Philadelphia Area

I'm looking to run a casual, get-to-know-people event for my organization in the Philadelphia area for about 25-35 guests.

I'm open to virtually anywhere in Center City, South Philly or the Northeast. The location isn't as important as a few other things: a private or semi-private room, parking lot or plenty of street parking, ability to order off the menu instead of a fixed/buffet style, and ease of getting separate checks.

I'm not looking for something incredibly cheap, but nothing fancy either...something along the lines of a gastropub's cuisine. My research is coming up fruitless, so perhaps some of you have suggestions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I think you're going to have trouble finding a place that will give you a semi-private or private room without a fee or at least a guarantee of a food or bar tab minimum. Also, the parking requirement almost rules out most of Center City and South Philly.

    The only place that came to mind is MidAtlantic in University City. I know they have a parking garage that they'll validate your ticket for (after 4pm, I believe, and they'll validate the full amount) and a private room at the end of the dining room.

    1. Yeah I'm not sure about pricing but you can go upstairs at Pub and Kitchen, which is a great gastropub. Parking might be a pain though, but the room seats 25 comfortably and up to 40 if some people are standing around chilling.

      1. you might check the Institute at 12th and Green(?) they have an upstairs room that I know they host a film night in.

        1. Giorgio's on Pine is at 13th street right off broad where there are parking lots. It has a upstairs(3-4 steps) from dining area that is semi-private and would probably fit the amount of people you mention. They are very flexible and would probably serve from original menu. Talk with Giorgio, he's very accomocating.....but he does have thick accent and a little trouble hearing so in person is easier than on the phone, but i arranged a party over the phone and everything turned out great. No extra charge for the room.

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              oh, yes, important part to leave out--they are BYOB---thanks urbanfabric!

          1. If the Northeast is an option, consider Moonstruck, on Oxford Avenue near Rhawn.
            You can get a private room, very attractive place, good food, free parking lot, good bar.
            You would have to talk to them about whether or not people can order off the menu.
            I know that they are a popular place for events.