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Brucie -- Court Street

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Checked out the newest of the many new Cobble Hill-ish restaurants tonight. At the moment, Brucie is mostly a take out operation -- they seem to want to be a market too, and there are a few good looking products, but that part is very patchy at this point. They also want to serve meals in house as well, and you could certainly eat at the broad bar (no liquor yet) but as they readily admitted, the lighting and the set up is not quite ready for dining in.

Anyway, I had a very tasty panelle sandwich on a Caputo's sesame seed roll with delicious fresh ricotta. Vinegar pickles were added as a twist -- which worked, and brought some welcome acidity, honey was also added, and this I could have lived without. I added some salt at home, and with that it was awesome. I'll be back in Palermo on Friday morning, and I don't think Brucie's panelle is going to spoil me for the real thing, but this was a very tasty neighborhood option (and it's been a while since I got to Ferdinando's...). Also, quite refreshing if a little overly dressed was a salad of razor thin sliced green tomatos and radishes.

The young chef and her staff are super nice and enthusiastic, and they really seem to be trying to do something serious -- the most obvious analogy is Torrisi Bros. -- classic Italian and Italian American fare a little updated, with good local ingredients (spaghetti and meatballs were on offer, but so was goat cheese lasagna with cherry tomatos). Unlike a lot of what opens in this neighborhood, these are people who actually have an interesting idea and are trying to execute it with some originality.

I'll be very curious to see how this one develops -- it could become a go to if the food lives up to the enthusiasm (and I'm a sucker for a panelle special...next time I'll ask them to hold the honey).

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  1. Thanks for the review. Where on Court Street is it?

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      Near Baltic, where Cube 63 used to be.

      234 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    2. went tonight, ate in at the long table - they are still figuring it out, but I had the homemade tagliatelle with fried brussels sprouts and tomato butter - really excellent and a deal at 11 dollars. My friend had the panelle sandwich which was good but we felt was lacking something. I'll definitely be back to see how the place evolves. I don't see the market aspect of it taking off unless they offer things you can't get at other neighborhood stores. Also, at the moment the wares seem to be organized for looks rather than logic.

      234 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. I went last night with a bunch of friends and we had a fantastic meal. I'm pretty sure we ordered everything on the menu and it was literally ALL great and reasonably priced to boot.

        The major standouts were the broccoli crostini, the aforementioned tagliatelle with burrata/Brussels sprouts, and chicken parm hero. Our other dishes were also delicious - the ingredients are sourced from top-notch local artisans/vendors, and the owners have a strong passion for what they're doing that's very genuine. I was chatting w/ them during our meal and it looks like they have some cool things lined up, like a take-home lasagna service, cooking classes, and wholesaling homemade pasta to local restaurants. Definitely keep your eyes open for this one, it's a very welcomed addition to Court St.

        234 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        1. Looks promising, much in a way like very old fashioned trattorie/osterie with limited, changing menus that could be found in regional Italian cities. Only need open carafes of cheap, tasty house Frascati and Negroamaro. Not been there yet, but nice to see this relaxed, but confident approach, care for ingredients, and some fresh twists on traditional dishes.

          1. Ordered some of the cauliflower ravioli for take out today. It was really delicious and held up well as a take out dish. The pasta was obviously fresh and the sauce was very flavorful. They had an interesting selection of items for sale, some reasonably priced and some not. The fresh pastas and prepared meals in the refrigerator case will probably be making appearances in our kitchen in the near future. We will definitely be back to sample more extensively!

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              I ordered takeout last night and wife & I thought it was fantastic. We just split the chicken parm hero and the penne dish with goat cheese and heirloom tomatoes. I can't remember the last time I called a restaurant back after trying it for the first time and telling them how much I enjoyed the food but with them I did, looking forward to my next meal with them. I'll echo Olive's comment that there's some interesting grocery items for sale but the fresh pastas look the most promising. Don't really understand selling like 2 vegetables and tin foil.

            2. Have to echo all the great comments about Brucie. Went a couple nights ago and had a fantastic meal.
              Entree highlights were the tagliatelle with brussels sprouts and burrata (interestingly, it's now $16, up from $11 on one of the above posts), the duck meatballs over polenta ($19), and the gnudi with lamb ragu ($18).
              Really friendly and enthusiastic service.
              Highly recommended.

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                Glad you enjoyed it jaba. While my wife and I continue our love affair with Brucie, pretty much eating in or taking out once a week, we have definitely noticed the prices go up a little bit. I'm not sure if as time goes on, they're figuring out how much they need to charge to stay profitable (as I know that this is the owner's first restaurant venture). It has been a little frusturating to see prices go up from the $11-14 range to the $14-20 range, but that said, I still think it's one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood and I plan on eating there again tonight.

              2. We had another delicious (though not cheap) takeout dinner from Brucie last night. Quality remains high! I haven't tried the panelle sandwich yet - next time. I imagine eating in is better (burrata on the pasta stays creamier, for example), but until we can get around to that, takeout has been great. Definitely a neighborhood highlight.

                1. we've been eating about once a week at brucie since it opened and it is great every time. recently, had delicious crostini with goat milk ricotta and ramp pesto, delicious shrimp with homemade rigatoni, asparagus and goat cheese lasagna, and the excellent spaghetti and meatballs. frankly, we have yet to have something bad (other than a coolhaus ice cream sandwich which was over-frozen and a bit overpriced at $7 each but they don't make it there so i can't complain too much). honestly, i'm confused why this place has gotten more press, although, in a way, i'm glad it hasn't because even though it's hard to get a table friday's and saturday's, it's not impossible.