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Sep 22, 2010 06:30 PM

silicone baking sheets

Are they worth purchasing or should I stick to my regular cookie sheets? How do the bottoms of cookies turn out? Better/worse/no different???

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  1. I like Silpat but made the mistake of buying inexpensive silicon no name brands. Hate the no name ones. They are too thick and cookies never take on a brown colour.

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      I have Silpat and Canadian Exopats. Both are comparable. But I agree with you about the other wannabes.

    2. How much baking do you do? You can roll out on Silpats and then transferring pastry to the top of a pie is a snap. They are super if you're doing a lot of cookies. They're wonderful for working with chocolate and hot sugar. But they're expensive and they're not right for every cookie -- it you want crispy bottoms or very thin cookies parchment will do a better job.

      If you do decide to get a couple as Zengarden suggests skip the cheap stuff and get the real goods with fiberglass reinforcements within the silicone.

      1. I find my cookies actually turn out better on the bottom with Silpat. Because my electric oven heats from the bottom, the Silpat adds a layer of protection for the bottoms of the cookies while letting them get brown on top.

        1. I have never heard of silicone baking sheets, are you sure that you don't mean silicone mats that you use with baking sheets? If so, I use mine all the time and love them, not always for cookies either as they work with many foods. Great for freezing individual raw cookie dough to add to a ziplock to pull out and bake when needed.

          1. I have Exopats and they are great. No more burnt bottoms.

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              I'm also an Exopat fan. The cookie bottoms are simply excellent. Having done the cookie sheet with spatulas that have to be cleaned of sugar/flour/etc half way through, the Exopats are a delight.
              Easily cleaned.
              I also depend on them for cooking bagels just out of the water bath. Those used to stick unless I had the dough just right (which I seldom did.)

              Searing beef chunks for stews is also a doable with Exopats and ALL the caramelized beef juice goes into the stew with minimal cleanup.