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Sep 22, 2010 06:21 PM


Does anyone know where I can find kabukim - the coated peanuts that are popular in Israel- in the New York area?

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  1. Holon, on Kings Hwy & E 4th, in Brooklyn (closest subway stop is on the F train).

    1. there are actually two styles of coated peanuts.
      one has a hard glossy shell often found in Israel, another has a puffier cracker like shell found in every gourmet and nut seller here in New York.
      I recommend getting used to the softer kind here, as they are a lot less trouble to find, and far less wear and tear on your teeth and fillings...

      hard shell salty
      soft shell sweet

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        My understanding is that the hard & glossy coated peanut variety are "botnim Amerika'im," ("American peanuts"). The ones with the puffy layer are kabukim.

        Kabukim may be kinder to your dental work, but I prefer the flavor and texture of botnim Amerika'im. And yes, they are harder to find.

      2. Also at Super Nuts. Kings Highway and East 7th in Brooklyn.

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          I actually found these over chol hamoed in the kosher isle of the shoprite on route 4 in paramus. They were out of garinim and all they had were those coated peanuts so I took them. I think they were an israeli brand or some other brand from Israel...they were good.

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          1. Finally found some at Pomegranate, they were a bit sweeter and less salty then some I've had in Israel.

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              Have you tried the ones at Holon? (Kings Hwy & E 4th)

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                No I haven't! I'm rarely in Bklyn, but next time will have to check that out!