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Sep 22, 2010 06:01 PM

self-catering suggestions while staying in central London

Will be staying in Central London and will have a kitchen facility to help keep the costs of travel down. Would anyone have any suggestions for where to pick up food or ingredients near Piccadilly Circus?

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  1. It sounds like you are seeking staples rather than anything too exotic, so this may help:

    There used to be a small supermarket in Berwick St. too, but I don't know if it's still going.

    As for keeping the cost down, then finding somewhere to rent a couple of miles out would make a much bigger difference than doing a bit of self-catering. Piccadilly can be expensive I'm afraid.

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      There's a small Tesco Metro in Trafalgar Square and a M&S in Charing Cross Station.

      For more comprehensive fare, walk up Regent Street to the John Lewis food hall just by Oxford Circus. Or for posher fare (though Waitrose is still posh!) there's Fortnum & Mason on Picadilly or Selfridges on Oxford Street.

    2. There is See Woo on Lisle street for all things oriental at good prices.
      The Berwick St Market has good price fruit and veg.
      I love Camisa on Compton st for Italian groceries.
      A longish tube ride to tooting bec for indian groceries along Tooting high st - brilliant prices.

      1. There's quite a big Tesco supermarket about 5 mins walk away from Piccadilly Circus, on the corner of Jermyn Street and Regent Street. Should give you all the basics just fine. As Helen said, for truly nice posh stuff, walk a bit further up Piccadilly to Fortnum and Mason.