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Sep 22, 2010 05:54 PM

Grilled oysters vs raw?

I've been in the mood for oysters lately, and love that Abby Park in East Milton offers $1 oysters on Wednesdays. Well tonight, they offered grilled oysters as well as raw and I have to say they did an awesome job on the grilled oysters. Served in the shell and topped with a butter herb sauce the flavors just popped. I think I liked them even better than the raw ones. The other highlight of the evening was the cheese tray, the chocolate chevre was amazing. I slathered it onto a cracker and topped it with a fresh strawberry. You would have thought you were having chocolate cheesecake, amazing!

Abby Park
550 Adams Street, Milton, MA 02186

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  1. Grilling can bring out a bit of a more sweet flavor in the oysters. I like them too. We first discovered them at a summer house. We didn't have a shucking knife on hand, so we got the grill real hot and threw the closed oysters on there. We took them off the heat as soon as they popped open and enjoyed. It is a nice changeup from the traditional raw oyster (which we love).

    1. I'd like to know more about Abby Park

      Abby Park
      550 Adams Street, Milton, MA 02186

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        Abby Park is in East Milton Square and has been open a little over a year. When it first opened the reviews were not real positive. Well, having picked up a half-price certificate on-line and noticing that they had $1 oysters on Wednesdays I decided to give it a try. Besides the oysters (Wellfleets) they offer a $5 bar menu with items such as a kobe burger; steak tips and a few other appetizers. Their dinner entrees include filet mignon ($29); lobster salad roll ($18); veal milinase ($19); scallops with crisp pork belly; meatloaf; some salads and a few pasta dishes. The burger is quite good, steak tips go over quite well, but I absolutely loved the shrimp & calamari appetizer that was flash fried in a light tempura better, tossed with a mix of greens and topped with a simple aioli. It seems these folks have really stepped up to the plate and worked out the kinks of when they first opened. The bar staff is great, friendly, attentive and efficient. I also notice that they have lobster eggs benedict on their brunch menu, which will be my next trip. I'm definitely recommending Abby Park. the one downside though is the parking. This area is always busy. You can, however, park in the lot in back at the dinner hour, starting at 5:00.

        Abby Park
        550 Adams Street, Milton, MA 02186

          1. re: Pegmeister

            thanks, I'm intrigued and will give it a shot

        1. Seriously?? I was there last night too and I would have tried the grilled oysters along withthe raw ones that I devoured. I had been dying to get there for one last Wednesday of $1oysters before reining myself in after a long summer of overindulging. It's going to be greens and seafood and teetotaling for me for a while.

          My DCs do not like raw oysters, so I was able to finally fulfill my fantasy of one dozen oysters all to myself. Oh, it was wonderful and I have a picture.

          We shared the steak tips, margaritia pizza, the dip and the above mentioned calamari and shrimp appies. all were delicious. And the first three were on the $5 bar menu. GREAT bartender Mindy (very friendly, knowledgeable and makes a very good dry gin martini---always a plus!) was kind enough to get our $5 items in at that price point even though we ordered at 6:15 and should have been charged full price-- the deal is over at 6:00--very wonderful.

          We also got the truffle secchette 9sp?) which were little pasta "purses" of truffley, mushroomy, cheesy goodness. This was not my entree so I can't speak to the great looking veg on the plate, but the pasta was great and I will go back for that once my waistline will allow!!!

          Peg--could you have been the nice lady at the bar whose steaktips we admired and which prompted us to order those $5 apps so quickly?


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          1. re: SeaSide Tomato

            I was there last night at that time, but didn't order the tips yesterday. Instead had the oysters, shrimp/calamari and the cheese plate with that amazing chocolate chevre. You have to go back for one more Wednesday and give it a try. I was sitting with a friend at the left corner of the bar. Jimmy was bartending that side, so if Mindy was your bartender, I would guess you were on the right side. Although I did have a brief conversation with some people around that time about what a good value the bar menu was, so maybe?

            1. re: Pegmeister

              We were on the far right side (from the front), doen by the computer. I was thoroughly enjoying my martini, the sight of those oysters and the promise of that bargain bar menu.

              When I could look up, finally, and turm my attention to anything else, yes-we did speak with folks on the other side speak about the bar menu!

              I will go back for grilled oysters! :)

          2. I recently had grilled oysters for the first time in New Orleans. Loved them and haven't noticed them before around town.

            Any places in and around Boston (by that I mean T-accessible) that offer them on a regular basis?