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Sep 22, 2010 04:33 PM

Bison in Calgary

I have some Australian relatives visiting at the moment who would like to have some bison one more time before they go back home. Where can you recommend we go for a meal downtown to have some, at a midprice range, with a good offering of wine, nice ambiance, and A+ service? Not too much to ask for, hey?

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  1. Either Divino or The Trib wouldn't be a bad place to end up.

      1. Hmm and to complicate things, do you know of any in the South that you could recommend?

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          The Ranche in the deep south.
          I think all the CRMR restaurants (which includes Divino) have bison on their menus.

          1. re: prairielily

            Really south -- try the Longview Steakhouse in Longview. It will be a very pretty drive now that we have decent weather. Always make reservations. Here's some pics to drool over: