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Sep 22, 2010 03:58 PM

Albany- Seeking great eggplant parmigiana

We love to eat this dish- take-out is fine or eat in. We prefer very light breading and home made tomato sauce. Can you help us with some recommendations?

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  1. Well, this might not be exactly the classic dish you are seeking, but as a variation on a theme, the Eggplant with Four Cheeses at Cafe Capriccio is a favorite dish.

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    1. re: markabauman

      Second Cafe Capriccio's version.

      Great I have not found yet . . .

      1. Try Testo's or Verdiles, both in Lansingburgh. Both are old-style red-sauce places. Testo's sauces is more highly touted (and is very good) but there's nothing wrong with Verdile's sauce and we prefer Verdile's interior (50's style tables and banquettes, good size room with high ceilings and good light) to Testo's (dark, wood-panelled type interior, red checked tables).

        Lansingburgh Cafe
        469 5th Ave, Troy, NY 12182

        1. hopegoode, have you found great eggplant parm yet?

          1. I recommend Caffe Italia, a tiny little place on Central Ave, just E of Everett Rd. An excellent red sauce. (I haven't had their eggplant in some time, but I'm sure it's still on the menu and as good as ever- this is one of those places that I've been going to for ages, and they've kept the quality very high.)

            They also make a wickedly good fettucini Alfredo, and a great pan seared sea bass.

            Caffe Italia
            662 Central Ave Ste 1, Albany, NY 12206