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Sep 22, 2010 03:54 PM

Taco Bus, St. Pete?

I thought I read in the paper that the famed Taco Bus from Tampa was going to open one over by the trop in St. Pete. I was wondering did I imagine this? And if not does anyone have any info?

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  1. Last I heard, it's happening. I spoke with Rene (owner) at the refinery about a month ago and we talked about it briefly, I think it's still game on.

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    1. Definitely still on. Spoke with Rene and one of his partners over the last few days. They are looking at Nov. opening, if the powers that be allow.

      1. i friggen love Taco Bus. i work down the street, on the night shift. they're open 24/7. i've treated the whole night shift staff to dinner there, and handed out their menus. oh seriously. that veggie one with corn....oooooohhhhh and the butternut squash tostada..... ooohhh i'm quivering now. just quivering, i tell ya. YES YES YES!!!

        1. ahhhhhhhhh. now all i need is a cigarette. and i don't even smoke. ;)

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            Saw this article about the new Taco Bus in the "New Roots News" (a St. Pete paper). Can't wait to try it!

          2. just tried the Taco Bus for the first time in Tampa, awesome.Had a fish taco and thought it was great, The green salsa they serve blew me away, I'm still sweating. My wife is a vegan and had the tofu taco, she loved it. Bit of a hike from Palm Harbor but well worth it, going back next week.