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Sep 22, 2010 03:00 PM

Dinner suggestions for Amboise & Paris

My husband and I are traveling to France at the end of Dec. We'll spend two nights in Amboise and three nights in Paris. The only place I have in mind that we must eat at is Les Papilles in Paris. I've been before and absolutely loved it and I'm sure my husband will feel the same.

I'd love some suggestions for other places in both locations. We're not at all picky and would honestly lean more to the adventurous side. Price isn't a major issue, either, but that said, I don't want to go someplace totally over the top and super fancy/stuffy. I typically just wing it when I go to Paris and can't recall having a bad meal there, but I'd like to actual plan it this go-round.

We'll be in Paris on New Year's Eve, so any recommendations for that (food or otherwise) are also welcome. I've been there before on NYE a few years ago, but that was a very different time in my life--single and there with a friend so our goal was simply to go out, drink and have a great time. Not that my husband and I wouldn't enjoy that, but on a different level.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Just had an excellent dinner at Le 36 at Le Choisel in Amboise

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      Ate dinner last week at Le Grand Vatel in Vouvray, which is not far from Amboise. The only place we've found that has ris de veau on its menu (as entrée with salad - and I mean French entrée, not the American one).

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        The only catch is that we will not have a car when in Amboise. Is there an easy way to get to Vouvray via public transportation?

    2. In Amboise itself, we had a good haute cuisine dinner at "Le Pavillon des Lys" -- but that was a few years ago. (A five minute drive away -- possible by taxi? -- we enjoyed "Auberge de Launay" -- fine country cooking, in Limeray Amboise.) -- Jake