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Who is your favorite bakery to make a birthday cake???

Looking for a cake that is moist, delicious, and done well creatively...I have researched and come up with Cinderella Cakes, Beverly's best, and who do you suggest? Love to hear all your suggestions..who's your favorite

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        1. King's Hawaiian dobosh and paradise cakes are always a hit at our parties and they are very moist.

            1. King's Hawaiian - paradise cake

              Angel Maid bakery - guava chiffon cake and chocolate mousse cake.

              1. >>Looking for a cake that is moist, delicious, and done well creatively...<<

                You might want to elaborate on this. You have a lot of great recs below, but depending on what delicious and moist is to you, and what is creative, the recs will hopefully be more focused on what you are looking for. Another consideration would be what part of town you're considering.

                SusieCakes is "traditional" done very well. Buttercream frosting is excellent, cake is always moist and somewhat substantial. I've never had a bad day there. I don't know if they do creative cakes, but their layer cakes are something to behold.

                Never been to Hansen's but have heard while creativity is on the high side, the cakes themselves have gotten both thumbs-up and thumbs-down.

                Sugar Jones is really killer. The cakes I've tried have always had a really nice balance of sweet and rich, but cloyingly so. The frosting usually is a little sweet, while the cake is moist and not so sweet. This hits the tongue nicely. She can do just about anything you'd have in mind. She has no brick & mortar, so you need to order and she will deliver.

                King's is in Torrance. They do the Asian-style cakes, where both the frosting and the cake are very light, on the not-sweet side, and very consistent. The chocolate dobash, the paradise cake, and the lilikoi (passion fruit) are very popular. They're known particularly for their reasonably priced sheet cakes.

                Angel Maid is like King's (light not too sweet Japanese-style), but IMHO, they're much better. The style is similar, but the execution is better. The frosting is normally whipped cream and very light, as is the cake. The strawberry-filled cakes are great - probably still happening since strawbs are relatively good right now. They also do mango and banana as well. They're a Westside favorite.

                My Sweet and Saucy opened up a brick & mortar over a year ago. The cakes are excellent, and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who is more creative. You can't be shy of fondant if you're looking for creativity - they work with it like true artists. My Sweet and Saucy is in Long Beach, and they're worth the drive if you're really searching for something special.


                1. looking in orange county.....thanks.

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                  1. Plusko's in Canoga Park. They make a champagne cake that is out of this world!

                    1. Someone else (bulavinaka) made the great observation that this depends on what you are looking for. So, don't shoot me, but if this cake is primarily for a child (and, for the parents) the cakes at Victor Benes (inside of Gelsons) are actually quite good and they've been able to run with some of the strange themes I've thrown their way (I've only done this at the Marina Del Rey location). The best and most beautiful, beautiful (it needs two) cake I've had someone give to me was from Sweet Lady Jane in Hollywood - it was so gorgeous we didn't want to eat it, but once we did we attacked it and it was gone in minutes. Also, for other folks recommendations I've had the Susie Cakes cupcakes and they are WONDERFUL!